Do you like Pina Coladas?

Pina Colada in coconut husk
Text © Carolyn Camp
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Pina Colada Recipe

Anytime Bob and I are near the coast, we order a Pina Colada.  Something about coconut and rum that brings back memories from vacations we’ve enjoyed.  Over the years, we’ve tasted good Pina Coladas, some that are just ok and on occasion we’ve been served something awful.

As soon as we take that first sip, we start the comparison to our favorite recipe we’ve had for 35 years.

In 1975, we took a trip to Orlando, Florida.  Bob attended business meetings for part of the day and when he returned to the hotel in the afternoons we would relax by the pool, take a swim and have a drink.

Low and behold there was a nicely figured bikini clad lady bicycling around the pool.  She had a cart in tow behind her and the curiosity got the best of my husband.   He had to know what she was peddling.   To his delight, she was whipping up the best tasting Pina Coladas he ever tasted.

Of course he needed to linger awhile and learn how this lovely bikini clad lady made them (that was his story anyway).

We have made them this way ever since and he still loves them after that first taste 35 years ago!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Pina Colada Recipe         

1 46oz. can of Dole pineapple juice

1 15oz. can of Coco Lopez Real Cream of Coconut

15 oz. of Bacardi light rum   (I just measure my rum in the Coco Lopez can)

Stir together well in a large pitcher

Add 1 cup of this mixture to 2 cups of crushed ice and blend, adding ice a little at a time until you like the consistency.

Makes approximately 10-12 drinks

Extras you can add:

1 shot of dark rum on top for a floater

Whip cream on top with cherry

Buy a real pineapple or coconut and core it out.  Freeze the pineapple or coconut shell to use as a cold glass for your drink!

What’s your favorite ingredient?  What kind of rum do you like to use?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!

What’s your favorite island drink recipe?  Share it with us!

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  1. Chris Mooney says

    Try making a batch with frozen Bacardi Pina Colada mix that you can buy at the grocery store, but use Captain Morgan for the rum instead of Barcardi. Yum.

    • Carolyn Camp says

      Baby I will make you a great batch next time you and I get together.!! I make great ones.
      Lv, CC