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13 Trop Rock Party Songs (Playlist)

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Our Trop Rock Party Songs Playlist is just what you need to get into the party mood. There are probably hundreds of songs that can fit the party vibe category (check out our Summer Songs playlist for a ton of good ones) so we’re focusing on songs that are actually about a “party.” Either looking for the party, dancing the night away, leaving the party or remembering (or maybe not remembering) last night’s party.

Trop Rock Party Songs

Trop Rock Party Songs

Note: If you purchase a song after clicking on the links below, the artist gets their full payment and iTunes gives us a couple pennies for helping them advertise. Help support the artists and Trop Rockin’ Magazine!

Trop Rock Party SongsDennis Davis: “Get Ready for a Good Time!”
“I’m going out tonight with those crazy friends of mine!”

Amazon: Get Ready for a Good Time!

Trop Rock Party SongsJerry Diaz: “Let the Good Times Roll”
“Let the fun begin and the party last until the cows come home”

Amazon: Let the Good Times Roll

Trop Rock Party SongsMark Mulligan: “Third World Cantina”
“They want to dance and get loud”

Amazon: Third World Cantina

Trop Rock Party SongsJim Morris: “Three Day Drunk Looking for a Place to Happen”
Few friends, a seaside bar and good times.

Amazon: Three Day Drunk Looking for a Place to Happen

Trop Rock Party SongsDennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul: “Island Music”
We’re going to dance the night away to island music.
iTunes: Island Music
Amazon: N/A

Trop Rock Party SongsDani Hoy: “Back Country Pontoon Party”
Nothing like a party out on the boat.

Amazon: Back Country Pontoon Party

brent-burns-margarita-smileBrent Burns: “Margarita Smile”
Leave your troubles for another day.

Amazon: Margarita Smile

Trop Rock Party SongsLatitude: “Always Room in the Conga Line”
Conga in the nude and lots of rum too!

Amazon: Always Room in the Conga Line

tolliver-party-keysSteve Tolliver: “Party in the Keys”
No better place to party.

Amazon: Party in the Keys

Trop Rock Party SongsJimmy Buffett: “Gypsies in the Palace”
The ultimate party when the boss is away.

Amazon: Gypsies in the Palace

Trop Rock Party SongsDave Burks & the Just 4 Fun Band: “Crazy Again Last Night”
Maybe a little too much partying with Parrot Head friends.

Amazon: Crazy Again Last Night

Trop Rock Party SongsJack Mosley: “It Was Somebody Else”
Nope, Jack wouldn’t do any of these things…

Amazon: It Was Somebody Else

Trop Rock Party SongsThom Shepherd: “Take Yer Drunk Ass Home”
You gotta leave the party sometime.

Amazon: Take Yer Drunk Ass Home


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  1. Tiki Thom Starkey says:

    Hi Tammy!

    Hope all is well. I thought you might like to consider my “Freaky Tiki Party” tune for your next party list.

    Also, just a heads up I’m working on my Best of Tiki CD which will encompass my first 3 CD’s and 4 new songs.

    Love and thanks for all your hard work on “TropRockin”


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