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Beaches A1A Parrot Head Club’s 22nd Annual Beach Bash

A1A Parrot Head Club Beach Bash

Beaches A1A Parrot Head Club hosted it’s 22nd Annual Beach Bash at the Guy Harvey resort on St. Augustine beach. It was a full weekend of celebrations from Flag Day, Birthday’s to Father’s Day all wrapped up in a Parrot Head event.

Beach Bash is quickly becoming a 4 day festival. Thursday evening with Jimmy Parrish led a group of 45+ early birds phlocking around the ballroom. This years Beach Bash offered many opportunities for all attendees to enjoy seating selections, dancing areas and even the standing swayees a chance to enjoy a view of the artists performing.


A1A Parrot Head Club Beach Bash

Poolside with Rich “Schooner” McGuire and Jimmy C., Dennis McCoughey, Capt. Nick and Jimmy Parrish led to sun soaking fun. During Don Middlebrook’s performance, Don offered Pirate Capt. Scott the chance to lead the conga line to his song “Cha Cha Band.” In true Parrot Head style they decided the conga line should be in the pool. This new dance crave continued through out the weekend.

Plus, never expect a Parrot Head pool party not to have floating sharks, water soakers and an ex-large floating something. This year showcased a large floating M&M cookie and a giant Flamingo. Pool deck artists were singing all the songs a Mermaid, a Pirate and 250 attendees could frolic too.

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Saturday morning began with a playful agenda of “AOJ” (Adult Only Juice) of energy mimosas and bloody mary’s toasting participants in the annual Special Olympic games pool side. Spectators also enjoyed partaking in their morning “AOJ” too. The cheerful encouragement and laughter that turns this game-time into a youthful part of the event is to be experienced.

Julie Peacock gave high fives and hugs as she proudly announced her defeat and a self proclaimed winner as “proud participant.” Colleen Karcher was overly excited to find out she won a game- after hubby Kevin had accepted her Lei of mini booze bottles, meanwhile Kathy Kaz was delayed by some pool time and questioned her winning with happy shock. Seeing all these wonderful parrot heads playing and laughing was a winning moment for humanity.

A1A Parrot Head Club Beach Bash

When the sun goes down at Beach Bash it brings the cool ballroom entertainment into play. Friday night with Southern Drawl Band gave attendees a chance to tip and dance with their famous sexy dressed manikin. The crowd was quite playful with this attention getting tip jar. Through out the show, band members Josh Brown, Jd Edge and Larry Dunsmore showcased their talents as a lead vocal.

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Swinging into Saturday night’s ballroom with a group of colorful tutus supporting a fun play on the A1A Beach Bash 2 – 2nd annual event. The Big Bamboo Band with special guest Jimmy Parrish played Jim Morris tunes as the dancing tutus to showed off their colors. Remembering Jim Morris in songs, stories and a special dance for Sharon Morris who attended the event.

Jimi Pappas brings so much when he takes his place behind the drums and stands out with his vocals. The stars were out during this special event of check giving, tutu love and attendees/artists sharing in an emotional thank you from the Beaches A1A PHC.

A1A Parrot Head Club Beach Bash

All weekend long the participants decided to make up new lyrics to some favorite Trop Rock songs as they pertained to current happenings. When the resort ran out of a selected beer, attendees started singing “There’s a lot less beer in the resort” as a play off of The Detentions’ song “There’s a little less beer on the Island.” During the Saturday morning event attendees took Erica Sunshine Lee’s song “Mo Mo Mojitos” and changed it to “Mi mi mimosas” to celebrate the mimosa morning. When The Big Bamboo Band sang the lyrics “Get out your party lights, put on your party dress” the ladies of in the crowd made up their new verse “Get out your party tutus & blinky rings.” These special play on song lyrics is a testament of fan devotion to the Trop Rock genre.

The phunraising took center stage during the Beaches A1A Parrot Head Club Beach Bash! Parrot Heads opened their wallets to raise $18,668 topping all numbers from last years charity check for the Alzheimer’s Association. John Farrell and his A1A Parrot Head Club Crew could be seen for miles with their glowing faces and bright smiles as they presented the check to Carly Wille (Jaxs Rep). This was a priceless moment for so many Parrots Heads as stories of remembrances and hope for future loved ones filled the room.

A1A Parrot Head Club Beach Bash

Rae Chung with her wonderfully talented volunteers not only welcomed you in at registration, but handled questions, raffle tickets and dealt with all mishaps asap. Leigh Anne Glenghorn (VP) and her husband topped their last years silent auction donation of a Margaritville Cruiser package. This year not only did they donated another Margaritaville Cruiser package, they included all you need for a bike ride adventure with more booze, a mini Margaratville shot ski (with shot glasses), 2 barstools, a table and so much more. Jacksonville Jaguar fans smiled as a Miami Fan donated everything you need to be a Dolphin Fan.

The abundance of silent auction raffle offerings brought so much joy to the cause and winners. Leigh Anne and her helpers for the 50/50 raffle had smiles as they collected large contributions to help support the cause. Fred Wunder (super trop rock and charity supporter) won a 50/50 split and donated it all back to the Jacksonville Alzheimer’s Association.

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Thanks to the music and the colorful cast members of Beaches A1A Parrot Head Club a group of all walks of life get to be young at heart while supporting the Alzheimer’s Association.

Thank you Mike Anderson for assisting with photography.

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