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We enjoy a laid back attitude with a tropical twist.

Trop Rockin’ Online Magazine celebrates the people, places and adventures of the tropical lifestyle. We focus on Beachy Travels, Party Cocktails, Easy Recipes and our favorite genre of music, Trop Rock.

If you haven’t heard of Trop Rock music before, think of it as a mix of Jimmy Buffett, Kenney Chesney and Bob Marley. The thread that brings the Trop Rock genre together is the laid back escapism lifestyle.

Trop Rockin’ Online Magazine is a fun place to hangout for Parrot Heads, Trop Rock Music Fans, Beach Travelers and Tropical Lifestyle Enthusiasts.

Sit back, grab a cocktail and enjoy the adventures.


Trop Rockin’ Writers


Tammy Camp
Founder & Editor

I have several passions in life:  Animals, Photography, Writing and a Laid-back Lifestyle.

I love helping animals, I love taking photos of them too — in their natural settings.  I’ve always loved writing and connecting people.

Photography probably tops the list of my favorite passions, but living a laid-back, easy going, island style life with like minded friends is right up there at the top.

I’ve enjoyed the escape-ism lifestyle in spurts.  I lived on a boat for 5 years, sailing the Bahamas for a good portion of that time. Now days, I get my escapism fix when I am surrounded by Trop Rock fans and Parrot Heads at the hundreds events hosted around the world, which have been some of the most enjoyable times in my life.

I started Trop Rockin’ because I wanted to know all these wonderful people better, share the Trop Rock music genre and the Trop Rock beach lifestyle.  I believe we are a unique community —  people who love to have a good time, dream of the island getaway (and some are actually achieving this) and to top it all off, we’ve got big hearts — evident by the amount of charity work we do.

Like many other communities, I wanted us to have our own lifestyle magazine to celebrate our Trop Rockin’ style.  We’re also reaching new people through our articles who enjoy the tropical-beachy lifestyle. We want to share our love of fun, charity and music with everyone.

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Cindy Bates Muir
Feature Writer

I live in San Antonio, Texas, but the Texas Gulf Coast is where my heart is!

I maintain the unofficial “Jimmy Buffett Museum of Port Aransas, Texas,” which is actually my vacation home. The Buffett-inspired house has been featured in several publications and I host many Parrot Head events there.

I have a grown daughter, Lauren, who lives in Dallas and started “Cocoloconuts” hand-painted coconut bras.

I also write for the Trop Rock Music Association monthly newsletter and had a column in Gulfscapes magazine.

I enjoy tropical travel and love interviewing and getting to know Trop Rock musicians. A member of four Parrot Head Clubs in Texas, I am thrilled to be writing about Trop Rock!

I’m also a published author with my Trop Rock lyric infused cozy mystery book “Schooled for Murder.” Find out more on my website