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Adventures on A1A: Jupiter Florida

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Adventures on A1A:  Jupiter Florida

My Love of A1A

When the 60’s had the Beatles, Key West had a style stirring in the pot. The 70’s hanging on to a wave of crave, Key West was simmering. The 80’s were boppin and Key West was really hopping. Jimmy was booming and the world was beginning to listening.  Still today we are listening.

A1A to me is bigger than the Beatles.  It has led many musicians down south to the Florida Keys in the past and still does today, inspiring Trop Rock songs.

When you  travel down A1A — Relax,  Rewind,  and Rejuvenate to the island style music of life. Go on a trip in the music. Stay awhile and hit play again.


Jupiter Beach

Last month, I wrote about Juno Beach.  It has a connecting neighbor — Jupiter, Florida.   Jupiter is still my favorite love for snorkeling and learning about its beautiful water ways of history.  It is just north of Juno, where their beaches connect and a new beautiful wonder can be found.

Kicking off your trip from Juno going north is The Loxahatchee River Center (aka “The River Center”) which is located in the front of Burt Reynolds Park on US 1.  Admission is free to the public, but always accepting donations.

“Loxahatchee” means River of Turtles, it is a National Wild and Scenic River, one of only two in the State. The turtles you will see here are the fresh water kind.

Text and Photography © Millie Taylor
Resident Fresh Water Turtle

This facility has hands on touch and feel stations and beautiful local tanks. Hold a Sea Urchin, Horseshoe Crab, Sea Cucumbers, or a Starfish.


One of the Beautiful Tanks

I find myself enjoying this facility more and more every time we stop in.

The Burt Reynolds Park also has a play ground and picnic area to enjoy a nice stretch or snack.  Take a look at their website for more info:


Dubois Park

It’s what lies ahead and around the corner you don’t want to miss.

Going a little bit further up US 1 just to the right is A1A, heading right in the heart of the inlet.  Follow A1A south for about 3 miles and you will see a sign pointing you to the left to Dubois Park.  Find a great parking spot either close to the playground (if you are there with little ones) or if you’re like me – close to the restrooms.

Welcome to a little taste of paradise. You can enjoy the marked off swim and snorkel area. Parrot Fish, Angel Fish, Sea Horse, Octopus, Manatee, Sea Cucumber and Lobster are a few of my sightings here.  It is an inlet so the best snorkeling is when the tide is coming in or at high tide.

If you enjoy the snorkel life, this is the spot for you.

If you are just there for the tropical scene, this is the spot for you.

Grab your camera and enjoy the beautiful Jupiter Light House across the water way at the Coast Guard Station (which is open to the public for tours).  If that is just not enough and you want more, follow the path along the jetties, over the walking bridge and hit the beach. Yes another beautiful beach access with a walkway out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Dubois Park is a must see for a romantic or playful break on your travel down to Key West.  It’s a must have camera and remove flip flops stop.

Remember your 3 B’s (blanket, basket and bathing suits) this park has the best tables on the water. Energize your inner child frolicking in the beautiful water and taking in some of the most beautiful views around.

Relax and enjoy the sights of Dubois Parks:


Carlin Park

If for some reason you just didn’t get enough beach life at Dubois,  well — just get back on A1A and head south to Carlin Park. This stretch of beach runs right back down towards Juno.

Carlin Park has been a local hang out for a lot of Italians who love to play Bocce Courts. I don’t know how to play myself, but I have enjoyed watching these guys play the game with such passion.

The picnic tables are covered and the large sea grapes help as well with shelter from the sun.  Grab some lunch at Café Loggerhead located here, with a great simple menu if you forget your 3 B’s.

The 3000 feet of guarded beach is just breath taking. Free shell shopping all day on this beach with many different shells washing up on the beach.


Maybe You’ll See a Little Sand Art on the Beach Too!

Snorkeling is also very popular here since there is no fishing or surfing aloud in the guarded area. Stretch those legs out walking or snorkeling this wonderful beach. Park webiste:

Jupiter is sure to please anyone who has that notion to follow the ocean motion.

Have you been to Jupiter, FL?  What did you like about it?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!

I live close to A1A and love this stretch of road that leads me to so many adventures! I'm perfectly situated between my two wonderful children. I love to visit my daughter in the FL panhandle and my son in Key West. I'm a Parrot Head and I love Trop Rock music!

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