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Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza (Meat Lover’s Recipe)

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Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza is a meat lover’s dream come true! Not only will you get a crispy flatbread pizza dough from cooking these in your air fryer but this recipe includes loads of meaty topping options.

Each personal pizza you make is a filling and rather satisfying meal in itself.

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza in air fryer basket topped with pepperoni, sausage, bacon and mozarella cheese.

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza


My favorite way to make quick and tasty meals, appetizers and desserts is always in the air fryer! This delicious Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza is no exception and is perfect for quick personal pizzas.

You can also make Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza as a family meal, increasing the ingredients as needed to make more pizzas. Serve it as-is for pizza night or cut the Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza into small squares and serve alongside this Veggie Flatbread Pizza for more of a party snack option!

If you want to serve a couple pizza appetizers to make a full-on pizza night add some Air Fryer Mini PizzasPepperoni Air Fryer Pizza Bombs or Air Fryer Tortilla Pizzas for an appetizer!

You can even make it an Italian night by adding cheesy, gooey Air Fryer Cheese Sticks, delicious Air Fryer Toasted Ravioli or Air Fryer Pasta Chips for an appetizer to your pizza! If you really love pepperoni pizza, add these homemade Air Fryer Pizza Egg Rolls too!

The good news is…. This easy pizza cooks up in just 5-8 minutes!

Two Air Fryer Flatbread Pizzas topped with pepperoni, sausage, bacon and mozarella cheese on cooling rack.


What is Flatbread?

Especially when quick and easy is a priority, premade flatbread is a wonderful gift in the kitchen.

They are pre-cooked, easy to use, and come in a variety of delicious flavors. Absolutely perfect as the pizza base for individual pizzas.

Plus flatbread can be used for pita bread style sandwiches or simply topped with olive oil, garlic salt, air fried and sliced for an easy bread stick. Using flatbread is so much easier than making a homemade dough recipe.

Flatbread is thicker than Pita Bread or Tortillas (other easy pizza crust options). It’s doughier and the air fryer makes it a nice crunchy flatbread. This is why it’s perfect for this awesome air fryer pizza!

If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, their traditional flatbread is superb, but you don’t need a specialty grocery store to find delicious flatbread. Your local store should have several selections to choose from.


  • Naan Flatbread
  • Marinara Sauce (or Pizza Sauce)
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Ground Sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Sliced Bacon

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza ingredients displayed on cutting board.


  • Substitute Pita Bread for Naan Bread, but Pita Bread is thinner and will cook quicker. Adjust temp and time accordingly.
  • Try a flavored Naan Bread such as Garlic Naan Bread.
  • Add other favorite toppings to your own pizzas such as fresh basil and red onions for more flavors.
  • Use mini pepperoni instead of the full size or use turkey pepperoni for a healthier option.
  • Did you know you can use biscuit dough for these individual pizza recipes? Canned biscuits work great to make mini air fryer flatbread pizzas.


Step 1: Preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees F.

Step 2: Use a spoon to spread a layer of marinara sauce over the naan bread. If you like to create a crust, leave a little flatbread showing on the edges.


Step 3: Sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese on top of the marinara sauce.

Step 4: Add the meat toppings of your choice. I’m using sausage, pepperoni & bacon for a full meat lovers flatbread pizza.


Step 5: Place the pizza in the air fryer basket and set the cooking time between 5-8 minutes or until the cheese and veggies have fully cooked and the flatbread turns a golden brown.

Tip: All air fryers have variations in cook time. Check on your pizza around the 5 minute mark to make sure it doesn’t overcook. Once you’ve made it this first time, you’ll have a good idea how long to cook your pizza the next time for your air fryer model.

Flatbread pizza in the air fryer basket.

Serve with any additional toppings such as a sprinkle of parmesan cheese or finely grated fresh mozzarella.

How To Store Leftover Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza

Store any leftover pizza in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. An airtight container is best, but I’ve used Zip Lock bags with no issues.

To reheat, simply pop your leftovers back into the air fryer at 360℉ for a few minutes. The air fryer will help to crisp up the base of your flatbread pizza again, which I find tricky to achieve when reheating in an oven (and that takes too long too!).

Ways To Make Flatbread Pizza In Advance

I’ve discovered two ways you can make this air fryer pizza ahead of time:

  1. Freeze your assembled pizza for up to 2 months. Once assembled, I suggest that you flash freeze the pizza on a baking tray till hardened and then wrap the pizza with aluminum foil to be stored for cooking at a later time. Thaw the frozen pizza in the refrigerator before cooking it in the air fryer.
  2. Prepare the pizza toppings and store in the refrigerator 1-2 days prior to assembling and cooking the flatbread pizza. This is especially helpful if you are making your various meaty toppings from scratch.

Fully cooked meat lover's air fryer flatbread pizza.

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza Recipe Variations

This air fryer pizza recipe can easily be adapted by using your favorite meat toppings instead of what’s listed in the recipe. Consider using ground beef, shredded chicken, diced ham or a mix and match based on your preferences.

Include some veggies on your pizza such as sliced jalapeno, sliced olives, onions, or chopped bell peppers.

For a kick of heat to your pizza, sprinkle on cayenne pepper or red chili flakes.

Make mini Air Fryer Meat Lovers pizza by using mini flat breads and cooking your mini pizzas in batches. This is great for parties, game nights or any occasion where you plan on offering snacks and appetizers.


No time to make Meat Lover’s flatbread pizza right now? Save it for later and pin it!

Air fryer flatbread pizza in air fryer basket with recipe title on top for pinterest pin.


The best part about Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza how easy it is to make! Air fryers are great appliances and these days it’s a must-have for easy snacks and meals such as this delicious pizza. Yum!

Yield: 2

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza

Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza is a meat lover's dream come true! Not only will you get a crispy flatbread pizza dough from cooking these in your air fryer but this recipe includes loads of meaty topping options. Each personal pizza you cook is a filling and rather satisfying meal in itself!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 2 Naan Flatbread
  • 1/2 cup Jar of Marinara Sauce or Pizza Sauce (approximate)
  • 1/2 cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (approximate)
  • 12-14 pieces of cooked Pepperoni
  • 1/2 cup cooked Ground Sausage
  • 3-4 strips of Cooked Sliced Bacon


  1. Preheat the air fryer 350 degrees.
  2. Use a spoon to spread marinara sauce on the naan bread. Leave a little bread showing on the edges to create a crust.
  3. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top of the marinara.
  4. Add sausage, pepperoni & bacon.
  5. Air fry for 5-8 minutes or until cheese and (any optional veggies you've added) are fully cooked and crust is golden brown.
  6. Serve with optional pizza toppings such as grated parmesan or red pepper flakes.


There are so many variations and easy substitutions to create Air Fryer Flatbread Pizza. See the article for a lot of great ideas.

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Amount Per Serving: Calories: 650Total Fat: 35gSaturated Fat: 12gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 19gCholesterol: 69mgSodium: 1750mgCarbohydrates: 56gFiber: 4gSugar: 9gProtein: 27g

Nutritional values are estimates and not exact.

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