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Immediate Vacation: Beach Bar Songs Playlist

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Beach Bar Songs are an escape to places where warm breezes blow and tropical drinks flow. Each of these songs are about spending time at the tiki bar and the joy it brings us. The lyrics are set somewhere in paradise where your stress melts away under the sun.

When you can’t get to your favorite beach bar, let these Beach Bar Songs take you there.

Beach Bar Songs

Beach Bar Songs (Playlist)

Beach Bar SongsDon Middlebrook: “Beach Bar Serenade”
“Where the water meets the sun” and “Caribbean cowboys and senoritas” are having fun.
Amazon: Beach Bar Serenade

Beach Bar Songs Donny BrewerDonny Brewer: “Coconut Club”
Sometimes a virtual beach bar is all you’ve got, where “it’s happy hour all the time.”
Amazon: Coconut Club

Beach-Bar-Songs-Howard-LivingstonHoward Livingston: “Mangrove Mama’s”
“Watch the world go by, while you have some rum and a piece of key lime pie”
Amazon: Mangrove Mama’s

Howard Livingston: “Looe Key Tiki Bar”
A little place “by the water where the trade winds blow.”
Howard knows how to write a happy tiki bar song about places in the Florida Keys.
Amazon: Looe Key Tiki Bar

Beach Bar Songs Jambo Joe BonesJambo Joe Bones: “Bar on the Beach”
Where the “drinks are ice cold” and you’re “swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.”
Amazon: Bar on the Beach

Beach Bar SongsDennis McCaughey & Tropical Soul: “Coconut Joe’s”
Sounds like the perfect bar, tiki torches included.
Amazon: Coconut Joe’s

Beach Bar Songs Eric StoneEric Stone: “Bomba’s Shack”
Who doesn’t love the full moon party at Bomba’s Shack?
Amazon: Bomba’s Shack

Beach Bar Songs Rob MehlRob Mehl: “Bomba Shack”
Who doesn’t love the full moon party at the Bomba Shack and Rob’s surfer sound?
Amazon: Bomba Shack

Beach Bar Songs Gene MitchellGene Mitchell: “Liquid Lunch (Bar Hoppin’ On St. Maarten)”
Bar hopping on an island. Just doesn’t get any better than that.
Amazon: Liquid Lunch (Bar Hoppin’ On St. Maarten)

Beach Bar Songs Tiki Thom StarkeyTiki Thom Starkey: “My Little Tiki Bar”
The best Tiki Bar is sometimes in your own backyard. Love this Hawaiian sound.
Amazon: My Little Tiki Bar

Beach Bar Songs Mark MulliganMark Mulligan: “A Bar Down in Mexico”
If you dream of running off to the tropics and owning a beach bar, this song is for you.
Amazon: A Bar Down in Mexico

Beach Bar SongsKeith Sykes: “Come As You Are Beach Bar”
A whole cast of characters who come to the beach bar for the “laid back music.”
Amazon: Come As You Are Beach Bar

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