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Belize Parrot Head Club

Jimmy Buffett has inspired so many with his island life style and lyrics Parrot Heads love to live by. Parrot Head Clubs inspire charity, social events and lasting tropical friendships. This is what makes John and Maxine White so amazing for starting an international club in a foreign country.

Whitey (John White) started discussing with some neighbors and friends in Belize about his desire to form a Belize PHC in August 2016. Whitey and his wife Maxine have always love to jump into any idea with both feet on the ground running. They gathered a group (Ryan Atkinson, Tracy Atkins, Linda Sue Whitehead) who all agreed that Belize needed a Parrot Head club. In April 2017 the club was sanctioned by the national head quarters Parrot Heads In Paradise. Currently there are 87 members with about 65 of those members living in Belize.

Whitey and Maxine have traveled and crewed many of charters through the Caribbean waters. Island hopping and sailing around in the Caribbean enjoying the sounds of Jimmy Buffett and island music. The White’s boat trips to Belize for relaxing visits and vacation inspired them to drop anchor in 2014 in Placencia.

The little village of Placencia has everything they enjoyed in the Caribbean waters. This was the place they saw could picture themselves fishing, scuba diving and relaxing for their next chapter in life. They still have a home in Florida that is now considered their home away from home. Parrot Head Clubs have always been a part of their lives in one way or another along with embracing the community and charity.

The Belize Parrot Head Club has a strong desire to give back to their wonderful and diverse country. Helping with education for the children of Belize. I did not realize until Maxine informed me that a Belizean child finishing school is unlikely. Education is free and compulsory up until the age of 14. Many children are unable to complete primary school due to the cost of the uniforms. High school is competitive and not Government supported. Most children around age 14 end up working all their life with a minimum wage income and no real advancement opportunity.

Well, the White’s decided to hold a charity event to share this awareness with other Parrot Head Clubs and to bring Trop Rock music to the island. Whitey and Maxine have a go to and move forward attitude in seeing that not only did Belize get a parrot head club, but now it’s first Beach Bash Belize event. The Belize PHC have been putting everything they can into making sure to help with educational funds and giving back to the beautiful Belizean people who they live along side with.

Whitey (who is also the President) and his club have had a wonderful out pour from locals and businesses for the “Belize Beach Bash Phlocking South” event. The beautiful Belize Ocean Club is not just the host hotel with the best pool and ocean access, they are also donors towards the charity. Maxine said “been a year as a club, it may be a bit crazy to be planning such a big event so soon. But making an impact quickly has always been our theme”.

Belize PHC is off and running, this inaugural parrot head beach bash in Belize is just the first of Phlock South.

The Whites’ have been blessed with a life of sailing and working throughout the Caribbean as Captain and Chef on boats they crewed for their jobs. They knew Belize was the place to retire to and call paradise. Belize is not just their slice of paradise, it’s their Parrot Head home and dream to help make Belize stay beautiful and educated. Still amazes me what people can do in one year for others.

The inaugural Parrothead Beach Bash – Belize will be held in Placencia, Belize on May 17- 20, 2018 at Belize Ocean Club Adventure Resort. Reserve your room at the official resort of the Parrothead Beach Bash – Belize now. Rooms will sell out!

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