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The Best Breakfast in Key West – What to Know

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The best breakfast in Key West is at the Blue Heaven. Breakfast here is famous, as it should be. Good food doesn’t even describe it, I’d say it’s spectacular. It’s a tourist and local favorite and definitely should be on your list of Key West restaurants to check out.

Out of all the Key West restaurants I love, none are actually on Duval Street. Not that there isn’t some great food on the main drag, but the best food seems to be off the beaten path. There are three best places I recommend for breakfast: The Blue Heaven is my top choice, then Harpoon Harry ‘s and then Banana Cafe. Each of them are a great place in their own right.


Blue Heaven Restaurant

Best Key West Breakfast at The Blue Heaven

The Blue Heaven is at the intersection of Petronia Street and Thomas Street (729 Thomas St.) in a 2 story white wood building, trimmed in orange with vibrant blue shutters like a Bohemian style island home.

Often you can hear the resident roosters crowing from halfway down the street signaling that you are getting close. It embodies the essence of Old Town Key West with live music to Key Lime Pie.

A casual atmosphere is obvious from the moment you walk in the gate. Funny signs are posted, mostly dirt floors, cats lounging on the porch and locals with their dogs in tow. Roaming chickens and baby chicks and a few loud roosters ramble about under the tables looking for scraps.

Although there is indoor dinning, if you can get outdoor seating it’ll just add that much more ambiance to your meal. I prefer the shady courtyard out back where roosters and hens roam freely around funky mismatched tables and odd art pieces.


Funky Key West decorations of a horse statue with hula hoops around neck,

Arriving for Breakfast

First things first, get your name on the list for a table and then find a spot around the bar.

The best time to arrive, is early. I’ve enjoyed breakfast at the Blue Heaven on many different days and arrived at various times and there’s always a wait.

Weekends are busiest with wait times well over an hour, especially if you arrive after 10am. Don’t be deterred, it’s worth it. Plus, people drop off the list who decide to head somewhere else, bringing your name closer to the top.


Blue Heaven in Key West Bar with Water Tower on Top

The Blue Heaven Bar

While you’re waiting for a table, squeeze in at the bar for a Bloody Mary or Mimosa. I can’t imagine how much vodka and champagne flows from this bar each morning! It’s a full bar so if mimosas and Bloody Mary’s aren’t your style, order whatever you like to start off your best breakfast in Key West vacation!

Depending on the size of the crowd, you might have a hard time getting noticed by the bartender. During festivals, when you’ll likely know several people, it’s easier to add your order to a friend’s order who happens to catch the bartender’s eye.

Take note, the bar is cash only!

The drinks are strong, maybe to help ease the wait for a table? No matter the reason, the drinks are good and the atmosphere is quirky. Sit back and enjoy a little live entertainment until you get a text from the hostess saying your table is ready.


Bloody Mary Blue Heaven

The Best Breakfast in Key West Menu

The menu is extensive. Pancakes in various flavors, french toast (of course), specialty omelets, breakfast sandwiches, shrimp & grits and different style egg benedicts.

I’ve seen people order a variety of breakfast meals off the menu, it looks good and people seem happy with their choices. My mother loves the banana pancakes and my best friend always gets the Lobster omelet. Personally, I wouldn’t know if it’s all as good as it looks.

I only order one dish. Every. Single. Time. The Lobster Eggs Benedict.

Blue Heaven Lobster Benedict


Glance around and you’ll see it’s the most popular breakfast meal. I remember when it didn’t used to be listed on the menu, adding another piece of the charm by ordering the off menu “special.” However, a few years ago, I noticed it’s now included on the breakfast menu

The hollandaise sauce is incredible and the fresh local seafood the Spiny Lobster, has just a hint of sweet flavor. I typically add a side of breakfast potatoes, which is large enough to share among three people.

In the past, I’ve often added asparagus to my lobster egg benedicts, but the up-charge is a bit pricey and I’m just as happy without any add-ons to my lobster benedict

If egg benedicts or hollandaise sauce aren’t your style, go for the lobster omelette. I had a bite of my friend’s omelette and it was excellent.

Blue Heaven Breakfast dishes Lobster Omlette with breakfast potatos

Sunday Brunch Menu

On Sunday’s the Blue Heaven offers a few added specialties that look worthy of trying. Again, I’m still getting the lobster benedict but I know everyone doesn’t love fresh seafood The avocado omelette or the bruschetta sound delicious.

They highlight their “famous key lime pie” which is truly a work of art. It’s a popular dessert, but I wouldn’t claim it to be the best key lime pie in Key West. I think it’s the novelty of the mile high mirangue on top that makes it picture worthy.

Blue Heaven Gift Shop

The typical wares are offered in the gift shop with a Blue Heaven spin.

Want to know what the best item is in the gift shop? Banana Bread. Hands down, best on the island.

We always buy a loaf of Banana Bread at the beginning of our Key West vacation and eat it for breakfast or a quick snack throughout the week. It’s perfect for lazy mornings during your vacation when you want to eat the best breakfast in Key West from your own balcony.

Make sure you buy it when you see it! We have stopped in several times over the years to take a loaf back home to the mainland only to find they are sold out.

Besides The Best Breakfast?

I hear lunch and dinner are fairly good but quite pricey (breakfast is pricey too). It’s been years since I’ve eaten anything but breakfast at the Blue Heaven, so I don’t have any recommendations. As far as I know, they don’t have a happy hour at the bar, so I suggest these Key West restaurants for great deals on appetizers and drinks.

My recommendation is to stick with breakfast, it’s the real treat at the Blue Heaven.

My choice for lunch is the Blue Heave’s sister restaurant, Salute. I truly believe it’s the best lunch spot in Key West. Affordable, plenty of parking and it’s on the beach!


Things to Know Before You Go to the Blue Heaven

Parking:  None. Walk or ride your bike. The time spent circling the neighborhood looking for a non-residential parking spot, is time wasted when your name could have already been on the waiting list.

Costs:  Expensive. Expect a breakfast meal to cost around $30 per person (excluding alcoholic beverages).

Best Time:  Weekdays are much better averaging 15-30 minute wait time.

Music:  Musicians are often playing on the little Blue Heaven stage. Enjoy the local live music scene.

Hours:  Open from 8am -10:30pm, 7 days a week. Breakfast is served until 2pm! Once a year Blue Heaven is completely closed for an entire week. It’s usually around September or October (it seems to fluctuate). I only hope it isn’t the week you’re vacationing in Key West.

Address: 729 Thomas Street,  Key West, FL 33040

Website:  Blue Heaven in Key West

Fun Fact: Kenny Chesney’s video “The Good Stuff” was filmed here.

Enjoy the best breakfast in Key West at the Blue Heaven!

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Lobster Omlette Pinterst


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  1. Lee Anna says:

    I experienced Blue Heaven for the first time last week during MOTM; my first trip to Key West and I can’t wait to go back. It was delicious! I had the lobster omelette and it had big, juicy pieces of lobster in it. I’m ready to get in my car and head back!

  2. Norm Kayser says:

    Of course Blue Heaven is the place to go, for the BEST Lobster Benedict!! But my favorite, is their pancake special, usually either Blueberry or Strawberry, and the natural compote they put in the mix, is to die for!!
    We’ll be there this weekend, matter of fact, on Sunday, after Howard Livingston’s weekend CD release party.
    Who’s up for joining us there?? First Mango Mamossa is on me!!

    HUGS to One and All, and we’ll see you all “Down Island” in Caya Hueso, soon mon…very soon, mon…

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