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Danny Rosado – Navy Helicopter Pilot to Trop Rock

How does an Alabama boy travel halfway around the world, serve his country, and wind up writing and performing Trop Rock music? Danny Rosado has done all of that and more. His musical life is a great example of the power of Trop Rock.

Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama, Danny had no formal music training and didn’t own a guitar, yet he wrote his first song when he was ten years old. After college, he joined the Navy and became a helicopter pilot. His time in the Navy impacted his musical career, although he didn’t realize it at the time.

Spending time in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he was stationed for flight school, he met a local musician at a bar who helped change Danny’s musical life. This friend, Brad Payne, encouraged him to sing on stage with him and to start taking guitar lessons. While serving on the USS Nashville during the Gulf War for nine months, he won a ship wide talent show and played in a band on the ship.

Danny Rosado

After leaving the Navy in 2007, Danny Rosado continued his interest in music, but moved back home to Huntsville to take care of his terminally ill mother in 2012. He played and sang with various bands until he finally decided he wanted to make his own music.

“My first duty station was in Pensacola,” he told me, “and I became mesmerized by the Flora-Bama.” He also had heard Jimmy Buffett live for the first time not too long before and was inspired to write “I Want to Be a Coral Reefer.” Danny listened to internet Trop Rock radio stations such and Beachfront Radio and Radio A1A and realized he had found his musical calling.

In 2016, he wrote and recorded “Beach Boy Coming Home” (you can read the story behind his song and listen to it here) and traveled down to Key West for his first Meeting of the Minds. In May of 2017, he released his first CD (Beach Boy Coming Home) and Danny Lynn of Tiki Man Radio hosted a CD release party and broadcasted it live.

It was then that Danny hit the Trop Rock fast lane… He credits Jerry Diaz with much of his success, as Jerry invited him to play Gulf Coast Days and Pardi Gras. Last year in Key West, he put together his own showcase day at the Blue Heaven and performed at Kelly McGuire’s Lighthouse Court event.

Danny Rosado

One of his latest songs was inspired by a dream. He never met Jim Morris, but had a vivid dream about him and the song “With Apologies to Jim Morris” was the result. He decided to go back to school and will earn a graduate certificate in Music Production by the end of this year. “There seems to be ore focus on recording quality in Trop Rock and I want to have control on my recording production,” he explained.

If living this much musical life at age 45 doesn’t work out (which is highly unlikely!), Danny has a culinary background on which to fall back. Having attended culinary school for three years previously, he said “the best thing I learned was organization.”

Well, we doubt that this relative newcomer to Trop Rock will need a fallback plan. Danny’s star is just beginning to shine.

Find out more about Danny Rosado, his music and schedule on his website: Danny Rosado

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