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Dave Burks Livin’ the Life in San Carlos, Mexico



Text & Photos © Gay Burks.
Dave Burks in San Carlos, Mexico, where he’s livin’ the Trop Rock life playing his music


Dave Burks Livin’ the Life in San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos, Mexico. A peaceful small town on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. South of Tucson, Az. Winter home for many Canadian’s and American’s escaping winter. Home to Trop Rock artist Mark Mulligan referred to as, “Mr. San Carlos”  by part time resident Sam Rainwater, another great Trop Rock artist. The town is small and boasts of local musical talent, fine dining, beautiful beaches and must-see sunsets. This tiny town rocks to the new girl on the block with her beloved sound of the Steel Pans, Susan King.

Dave and I enjoyed a brief visit to San Carlos in March 2014. Dave Burks, Trop Rock singer / songwriter, had the opportunity to play a few gigs with Susan King and share his version of Trop Rock. Dave felt more than blessed to receive an invitation to share the stage with Mark Mulligan and Sam Rainwater too. Ten months later in January 2015, ready to retire and leave winter behind in New Mexico for the beauty of the sea, the feel of this small town and encouragement from Susan King we arrive on the San Carlos scene.


Dave Burks and Susan King playing for Mark Mulligan’s favored charity, Castaway Kids.

After settling in at the Totanka RV Park with our now home of a 40 foot Fifth Wheel, it didn’t take long to get involved in the daily activity of running about town to hear the local musicians perform. If it’s a Wednesday you make sure you’re seated by 5 pm at the La Palapa Griega for an evening with Mark Mulligan. On Thursday at the Country Club you’ll find Sam Rainwater. These guys are true gentlemen in the Trop Rock world.

At the packed La Palapa Griega every Wednesday, listening to the mellow voice and many fun tunes of Mark Mulligan, Dave shares a few new tunes from his soon to be released CD, titled “Where the Water Meets the Sand.”  On Thursday’s we make our way to the Country Club to listen to our Ukulele playing friend Sam Rainwater. Susan King is set up playing both of these evenings which makes it perfect for Dave to again share a few of his tunes with another crowd. Susan made her way to New Mexico last summer to lay down tracks on Dave’s new CD and the two sound perfect together on the stages around town.


Trop Rockers Mark Mulligan, Sam Rainwater and Dave Burks in San Carlos, Mexico

On our second week in San Carlos, Dave, Susan and I are invited to dinner with the owner of La Palapa Griega to discuss the opportunity of playing a few gigs at his seaside restaurant. After a beautiful evening and great conversation it is decided we have a steady gig for Friday evenings. Perfect as it is really the only open night in town.

The beauty of the internet allows Dave to continue on with the new CD. We are able to get the photography for the cover as well as disc with the backdrop of our winter home, San Carlos.


Trop Rock music is received favorably in San Carlos thanks to Mark Mulligan and Sam Rainwater. This community is extremely loyal with caution until the residents get to know you and your agenda. San Carlos is truly a loving caring community that loves their culture and talents. We are so blessed to be a part of this for even a short time.

Our thanks to Mark, Sam, Susan and San Carlos.

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