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Story Behind the Song: Dennis McCaughey, “No Plans at All”

Dennis McCaughey describes a scenario that many of us would love to embrace in his song “No Plans at All,” title song of his 2004 album. Dennis performs with Tropical Soul and as a solo artist throughout the upper Eastern seaboard and travels to Key West several times a year to perform for a week at a time. Tropical Soul has also been the recipient of “Best Duo or Trio” by the Trop Rock Music Association Awards. As you read the background of Dennis’s song “No Plans at All,” we think you’ll see why he penned this great selection. Here is the Dennis McCaughey’s story behind the song
Dennis McCaughey

I’ve traveled many times, the long road from the mainland to Key West. From Alabama Jacks to the No Name Pub, there are many hidden gems along the way.

Back around 2003 someone gave me a flyer which listed all of the “must visit” stops along the road. Somewhere between all of the bars, one of the places listed was a grocery store where essential provisions for a tropical getaway could be found. Cold beer, good tequila, ice, coolers, Cuban coffee, sun tan lotion, flip flops and snorkels just to name a few.

So I got to thinking, we all have moments in our lives when we’d like to ditch the rat race, disappear and find a new beginning, at least for a while.

I wouldn’t need much. Just add an old guitar and a little sailboat and I’d be set for the journey. Riding the wind on blue water with nowhere to be is a pretty appealing dream. I wrote the song “No Plans at All” in pretty much one sitting. While most of the tunes I’ve written take way too long and involve lots of editing, this one just came out like it was already written. I just had to put in on paper.

Take a listen to your new favorite summer escape song by Dennis McCaughey: “No Plans at All”

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Steve Mitchell

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Good story! "No Plans At All" is a great song! I guess "No Plans" is really the best "plan"! ;-)

Cindy Muir

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Thanks, Steve! You probably know that Dennis gets to Key West several times a year, so I figure this is sort of his KW motto! Well, except for his gigs there! Have a great day!


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