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Story Behind the Song: Donny Brewer, “Fishin’ On Credit”

Donny Brewer is from the great state of Texas and has worked as a musician for most his life. He was always part of someone else’s band, typically in the country music genre. Then a few years ago Donny decided to follow his heart into the Trop Rock music genre and we are sure glad he did!

Donny is a prolific musician and talented songwriter, releasing three tropically inspired albums so far! Donny and his wife sold it all, moved into an RV and are currently traveling across the country playing Trop Rock venues and house concerts dubbed the “Winnebago Tour.” Donny tell us his story about “Fishin’ on Credit” and discovering a new collaborative writing style:

Donny Brewer (middle) performing with The Detentions.

If you’ve ever been wade fishing in the Texas Gulf, you know that you have to go out quite a ways before you reach a sand bar where you can stand to fish. It’s a long trip back to shore so you need to take several pockets of shrimp bait and beers for the excursion, and you hope you don’t run out of bait before beer. On one such occasion, with my friend Greg Guenther in Corpus Christi, we discovered our miscalculation but kept throwing empty hooks out because we had beer left. I asked Greg what we were doing, and he replied with the song title.

The song represents a groundbreaking moment for me as a writer, but not for why you think. I found a new songwriting process via Google Drive. I shared lyrics with 2 other friends across the country (Pete Devlin and Tony Carroway) who helped complete the song. The funny part is that these guys never met each other, even though they appear on the recording. Anyway I use this writing method now quite a bit. There’s something pure about seeing the lyrics purely, without influence from the co-writers.

As a side note, I am thrilled to report that The Detentions were kind enough to record this song as well and even let me sing and play on it. It appears as track 1 on their album “Three.”
–Donny Brewer

Love drinking beer and fishing? Listen to a snippet of Donny Brewer’s “Fishin’ on Credit” from his first album, Live Like Jimmy Buffett:

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