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Erica Sunshine Lee Embraces Trop Rock

Have you noticed a name suddenly almost everywhere in the Trop Rock music world in the past year? I noticed a perky, curly-haired blonde with a winning smile last year at Trop Rock Music Week in Key West. This is Erica Sunshine Lee and she’s taking the Trop Rock genre by storm. Erica Sunshine Lee Erica comes from Northeast Georgia and has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for some time now. In 2007, she started a band in California and began to make a name for herself in the Country music world. She started performing in the Key West Songwriters’ Festival in 2013 and although she still is faithful to her Southern Rock/Country roots, Trop Rock is now significant in her life.

She told me that her songs “Mojitos” and “I’m a Pirate” were picked up by several Trop Rock radio stations and that is what led her to performing during Trop Rock Music Week for the first time last year. “The genre is amazing,” she said. “It’s easy to write songs from real life on the beach.”

Check out Erica’s Story Behind the Song “Mojitos” and see her official song video filmed in Key West. Erica Sunshine Lee

She especially loves house concert venues. “I’d never experienced that before, and the one-on-one time is so special. You can’t get that in other places.”

Erica has several albums under her belt and the newest is called Bulletproof. She also has a few EPs recorded, with the newest one called Aim, which followed the previous Ready. She’s written songs recorded by other Country artists, such as Mark Bray’s version of “I Just Need a Drink” and Erica has toured in far away places such as Europe, Fiji, Australia and Samoa.

Erica Sunshine Lee Aim

If songwriting and performing weren’t enough, she also wrote a children’s book, titled Butterfly. Published by Archway Publishing and illustrated by Shinz Trulong, Erica explained it’s about her own life. The book encourages kids to chase whatever goals kids have. Now, she’s working on her next children’s book. Music videos also play a part of Erica’s work. She’s especially proud of “Bad Bitch,” which is a true story and filmed in Key West.

Recent performances have included PHINS to the West, Cheyenne Frontier Dyas, Summer Chill and Nash Bash. She’s also played various house concerts across the nation.

We’ll be seeing Erica soon during Donny Brewer’s Karavan to the Keys, Trop Rock Music Week in Key West, in Mexico with the Baja Parrot Heads and next spring at Panama City Parrot Head Club’s Rendezvous.

If you’re heading to Meeting of the Minds / Trop Rock Music Week in Key West, join us on the Don Middlebrook & Erica Sunshine Lee Happy Hour Sail.

“People have been so generous,” she told me, “and that spirit of giving back to the community is great.”

Catch Erica Sunshine Lee at an upcoming performance. Erica’s positive attitude and fun personality add even more entertainment to her live shows.

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