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15 Songs for Your Escape to the Islands Playlist

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Escape to the Islands Trop Rock Music Playlist

Do you dream of running off to paradise and living the carefree life on an island somewhere?

Yeah… me too.

To keep my dreams alive, I’ve set up my iPod with a ton of Trop Rock themed playlists. If you’re looking forward to making the great escape one day, here are the best Trop Rock songs to get you motivated!

Note: These are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase a song after clicking on our links below, the artist still gets their full payment and we may receive a commission. 

Escape to the Islands Playlist:

Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul: “Bikinis Guitars and Tiki Bars”
Escape to the tropics and never grow up in this mid-life fun song.
Amazon: Mark Mulligan: “Just Came Down for the Weekend”
Who doesn’t dream of going on a vacation and just never coming back?
Jerry Diaz: “Come Down to Paradise”
Get down to paradise and leave your troubles behind.
Kelly McGuire: “Boat in Belize”
I could sit on a barstool in Belize and never leave too.
Kelly McGuire: “Turn Around and Run”
Skip that plane ride back to reality from the tropics!
Kenny Chesney: “Somewhere in the Sun”
Where we really want to be… on Jost Van Dyke with Foxy.
Somewhere in the Sun


escape-to-the-islands-playlist-Thom-ShepheredThom Shepherd: “Sand In Her Shoes”
She may not have money, but she’s got the life.
Amazon: Sand In Her Shoes


escape-to-the-islands-playlist-Jimmy-BuffettJimmy Buffett: “Take Another Road”
Always has been and probably always will be my favorite Jimmy Buffett song.
Amazon: Steve Tolliver: “Down By the Sea”
Living the simple life down by the sea. What could be better?
Hugo Duarte: “Somewhere Headed South”
Reminder we should do it sooner rather than later.
Jerry Diaz: “Down to the Islands”
The place where your spirit runs free!
John Friday: “Tropicalized”
When we get to the islands we’ll definitely be Tropicalized.
Zac Brown Band: “Toes”
Zac is mostly a country music artist, but he’s got a little Trop Rock in him too.


escape-to-the-islands-playlist-Dani-HoyDani Hoy: “Gone Native”
All about moving to the islands and living life out loud.
Amazon: Jack Mosley: “Headin’ South”
The perfect plan on how to keep moving south.
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