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Howard Livingston Steps Off the Island

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Howard Livingston takes a big leap off the Florida Key islands and heads north up 95 to find a new and exciting adventure awaiting them in the small historical town of Stuart, Fl. I found out that even someone like Howard Livingston can still find something new to do for the first time.


Howard was asked multiple times by Ed and Wendy DeVries to consider a house concert at their venue “Limin’ Place.” After some intense training to learn how to plug up the equipment he was ready to try his hand at a house concert and Howard accepted the “Limin’ Place” offer.

Howard Livingston and I had the chance to talk before his performance and we both laughed when we spoke of him being a virgin at this kind of venue. I was proud to advise him with a giggle that all he needs to do is plug his new CD with some stories behind the songs. Howard giggled back at me with his wonderful smile “That’s it? I can do that.”


Wendy DeVries lead us in a great welcome and opening for Howard. “Howard Livingston won the Entertainer of the Year at Trop Rock Music Association Awards ceremony in Key West this year. So for your entertainer this evening here is Howard Livingston.”

Howard lead off with the title song to his new CD “Sell Your Stuff, Keep the Dog, Live on an Island” bringing it to a close he said “that is the life I love living.” Cinderella (aka Cyndy, his wonderful wife) was in the audience agreeing.

Howard told the story of never wanting to wake up and go scrape snow off the car, sidewalk or anything ever again. That is how he found himself on vacation and never wanting to go back. It was all about scraping snow that made him say no more and waking up knowing it is cold outside.
Howard Livingston

Howard said “When I look around I see family here, a true closeness that I am lucky to have with all of you.” He had a big smile on his face as he continued being grateful to the crowd and mentioning all his fans and family.

“One Human Family” is a very passionate song that has become a staple in his performances with his band for Parrot Head Clubs, Key West Events and his KOA kids fund raisers. “When it comes right down to it – when you look around, we are one Human family.” Howard said right before he started this song.

“Sandy feet and Salty kisses” is how Howard loves to spend his time with Cinderella and their two pups who accompany them to most events, Gracie and Anderson. Howard stopped in amazement several times as he could hear everyone singing the words.

This is something when he’s with the band he has never heard unless they stop playing and lead the audience in the sing-a-long. Howard commented that it’s a little bit louder and wowing when you are performing solo.


Howard Livingston with Ed and Wendy DeVries, his first house concert hosts.

Howard had a wonderful time singing and being very playful with the crowd. He even came out in the rain with his wireless guitar and asked me if I wanted to play a few cords on his guitar. I was flattered but scared I might get shocked… with my luck… and we all had a great laugh. He engaged the audience with so much laughter and energy.

Thanks to Ed and Wendy DeVries for opening their home, providing “Chef Sue” who made us a three course meal and getting Howard to agree to try something new. Howard did an amazing sound job, entertaining job and staying dry job at his “virgin” house concert

Several of us Florida house concert venue hosts were in the audience. Sharon and Mark of the “The Yard,” five time winners of the Trop Rock Music Association Award for House Concert Venue of the Year and myself representing “Cinnamon Tree” house concerts, loved his peaked interest in house concert venues.

Howard Livingston smiled during his performance saying “I can get used to doing these.”

We hope you do Howard.

Keep up with Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band here: Howard Livingston

Sharing is Appreciated!


Monday 28th of March 2016

That is a great story Millie! I bet he loved being up here. It is going to be a wonderful year for Trop Rock!

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