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Trop Rock House Concerts: Isla Bella, A Musical Oasis

Are you ready for a trip into South Texas countryside and find a fabulous tropical and musical paradise? I’m fortunate to claim that opportunity every now and then, since I live less than an hour from the oasis that is Isla Bella.

Isla Bella’s owners are also rare finds. They would be Fred and Sara Guerrero, and are, in my book, some of the best Parrot Head and Trop Rock ambassadors around. Fred claims they were “Jimmy-Come-Latelys,” but he still managed to be member #8 over ten years ago when the San Antonio Parrot Head Club was formed.


They first discovered the New Orleans’ Margaritaville Café and Store in 1999 and the tropical ball started rolling. They haven’t missed a Meeting of the Minds since 1999 and have been on eleven consecutive Parrot Head Cruises. And…. they’re royalty! They were King and Queen of Pardi Gras in 2006.

Parrot Head

Photo © Tammy Camp
Sara & Fred Looking Regal in their Royal Attire

So we’ve established the love for all things Jimmy and tropical that Fred and Sara exude. They are also very social (aren’t most Parrot Heads?) and have loved to entertain in their home for decades. They’ve lived in their home in Floresville for 23 years and about 5 years ago, decided to totally change their backyard. They took everything down to the dirt, started with a slab and in a short time, turned their backyard into a fabulous venue for musicians. There is a small stage, a wonderful fire pit, an outdoor kitchen/ bar and plenty of room for guests to sit and listen to music. Isla Bella had been born.


Photo © Fred & Sara Guerrero
Isla Bella Stage Ready for Trop Rock Music

The first big function held at Isla Bella was the celebration of Fred and Sara’s 40th wedding anniversary in 2009. Jerry Diaz came to perform and soon Trop Rock musicians began to take note of Isla Bella. The Guerreros were coached on how to best host a house concert and soon a new Trop Rock venue was alive.

Parrot Head

Photo © Tammy Camp
Fred & Sara’s 40th Anniversary Vow Renewal @ Isla Bella

And what great house concerts are held at Isla Bella! They’ve hosted Rob Mehl, Captain Josh, Kelly McGuire, Mike Broward and John Friday will be playing there September 21. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Brent Burns twice at Isla Bella.

Here’s the deal: everyone arrives early enough with a side dish in hand and, thanks to Fred and Sara for providing a main course, the first hour of a house concert evening is spent eating and socializing. The vast Isla Bella patio is covered in camp chairs brought by the attendees and when the concert starts, everyone sits and listens to the music. As much as friends enjoy visiting, the group sits and really listens to the singer/ songwriter on the stage. What a great gift for the performers!

Fred and Sara take the spirit of Isla Bella on the road at Meeting of the Minds each year, when they host their “One Particular Breakfast.” What started as a couple of breakfast tacos for a couple of friends back in 2002 has grown to a large event with lots of musicians coming by to eat and take a turn at the microphone for a few songs.

Sara described the spirit of Isla Bella best: “We get to share our musician friends with our Parrot Head friends.” No wonder this is the third year in a row their house concert venue has received a Trop Rock award nomination for “Best House Concert Venue”!

Why do you like attending House Concert venues?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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Lee Anna

Wednesday 7th of November 2012

Congratulations to Fred and Sara for their award last weekend at the MOTM.

Carolyn Camp

Wednesday 7th of November 2012

This is a great story Cindy, I have had the pleasure of being there several times for different events they have hosted, and they are always so much fun! This is a great couple and good friends to all they meet.

Carolyn Camp

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