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14 Best Songs to Get Ready for Island Fever Showcase (Playlist)

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Island Fever Showcase Playlist


Island Fever Showcase is possibly the most anticipated Trop Rock music festival this year. Taking place over Labor Day Weekend at the Surf Ballroom, an iconic and historical Rock & Roll landmark venue. The well preserved 1950’s ocean motif, the iconic music memorabilia and it’s incredible significance in American history makes this a rare privilege to see Trop Rock become part of music history.

Which famous acts have played the Surf Ballroom? A number of big talents have graced the stage such as The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, ZZ Top, Santana, the Everly Brothers and many more. If you’re intrigued by the history of this venue, here’s a great read for Trop Rock music fans: Island Fever Showcase – A Truly Historic Trop Rock Event

The Island Fever Showcase lineup is full of top talent such as Donny Brewer, Sunny Jim, The Boat Drunks, The Southern Drawl Band, John Patti, Brittany Kingery, The Peter Mayer Group and so many more.

We’ve put together a mix of tracks representing some of the best songs we hope to hear live on the Surf Ballroom stage. We hope to see you there!

Island Fever Showcase Playlist

<” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer” >Island Fever ShowcaseDonny Brewer:Retirement Song
Who wouldn’t love to treat every day like it’s a day off?

Amazon: Retirement Song


The Boat Drunks: Callin’ In Gone
An iconic Trop Rock song which couldn’t be more fitting for such an iconic Rock-n-Roll stage at Island Fever Showcase.

Amazon: Callin’ In Gone


> Southern Drawl Band:Island Time
Of course we want to live on Island Time, leaving the world behind.

Amazon: Island Time


Island Fever Showcase Sunny Jim: Seven Mile Beach
Paradise is within reach in this Sunny song.

Amazon: Seven Mile Beach


Island Fever Showcase Peter Mayer & Brendan Mayer: La Casa Cayo Hueso
Soothing ballad about the happiness you can find in Key West.

Amazon: La Casa Cayo Hueso


JD Edge: Red Dirt Dream
JD Edge has red dirt dreams with his solo career and as fiddle player extraordinaire in the Southern Drawl Band.

Amazon: Red Dirt Dream


Island Fever ShowcaseThom Shepherd: “No Working During Drinking Hours
A good reminder to leave work behind and have more fun drinking.

Amazon: No Working During Drinking Hours


Island Fever ShowcaseColey McCabe & Thom Shepherd: I’m With U
Thom & Coley will make you laugh with drinking songs and melt your heart with adorable duets like this one.

Amazon: I’m With U


Island Fever ShowcaseJimi Pappas: Island Style
Live the island style where you can drink and sing all day.

Amazon: Island Style


Corned Beef & Curry: Gimme Boats, Gimme Babes, Gimme Beer
Do you really need anything else to enjoy the tropical life?

Amazon: Gimme Boats, Gimme Babes, Gimme Beer


Island Fever ShowcaseDrop Dead Dangerous: Free to Roam
Roam where your soul is free to fly.

Amazon: Free to Roam


a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”Island Fever ShowcaseBrittany Kingery: Little Miss Sunshine
Escape across the border for a little sunshine.

Amazon: Little Miss Sunshine


Island Fever ShowcaseBamboozlers: The Other Side of the Island
Get away to the other side of the island where you won’t find tourists.

Amazon: The Other Side of the Island


Island Fever ShowcaseDonny Brewer & Sunny Jim: “Tsunami
The two Island Fever Showcase master of ceremonies collaborated on a modern surf style song, perfect for playing at the Surf Ballroom.

Amazon: Tsunami

Ready to go? Island Fever Showcase is a rare and special event, make sure you’re there.

Register for Island Fever Showcase at:
Pre-event: Aug. 31st
2 Day Event: Sept. 1st & 2nd
Post Event: Sept. 3rd

Island Fever Showcase


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