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Jack Mosley’s CD “Living the Salt Life” is on the Hook

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What a great catch this CD is to expand your Trop Rock collection!

From the moment you hit play Jack Mosley has you with the title song “Living the Salt Life.” Welcome to the wonderful touch of steel drums and catchy lyrics like “I got a friend – my friend got a boat, unlike the last one, this one floats.” Jack brings Florida seaside small town living to life in this song where he takes us out fishing and hanging around in his local town with his dog Molly.

“The Song” is another wonderful creation bringing the ocean and peace together. “Symphony of the Sea” song lovers will truly enjoy this one on the CD. Bringing you the smooth sounds and voice technique that only Jack can deliver.

“Let the Tide Roll In” brings you that 70’s feeling of a teen chasing waves, making time and oh yes the “nah nah nahs…” This song is another dance on the beach or rock
the boat song. Put your hands in the air and twirl around while a piano takes over as if Elton John was tickling those keys himself.

Quoting Jack about this fun song “As far as ‘Let the Tide Roll In’ goes, I am always looking for a new way to get the audience involved in my show, and a good way to do that is to sing songs that everyone can sing along with! I came up with a story line and developed a ballad type of chord progression to go along with it. When I got to the chorus, the story was moving nicely and I did not see any reason to over complicate it, so I came up with the sing-along part! I figured everybody can sing along with that!”


“Mighty Oak” is Jack’s way of reliving a moment when Hugo Duarte, himself and others were up at performance noticing this old mighty oak that had fallen. Hugo wrote this song that very night and performed it. Jack’s performance of “Mighty Oak” is stirring as a tribute to Hugo along with a touch of violin in the background,  pulling off a very classy style of folk music.

“The Florida Song” brings you across of Hee Haw country sounds and Florida local charm lyrics. Buck Owens style of singing as the lyrics bring you some clean laughter. Nothing wrong with the clean country comedy poured into “The Florida Song.” Florida has a very large country side and thank you for bringing us this reminder. “Growing Older Sucks” gets your hands clapping and the way Jack describes growing older will bring a huge smile to your face.

“The Temple of Tropical Rock” brings you that salutary sound of a sax, drum beats and a steel drum mixed with the power-message of story-singing that Jack Mosley is famous for. This is another jamming song bringing every instrument to life and making sure you can’t stand still. Jack loves to bring the Rock sound into Trop Rock.

Jack had this to say about the making of this song: “Some times when writing a song, you come up with a guitar riff and build the song around that. Such was the case for ‘Temple of the Tropical Rock.’ I had been fooling around out in my studio and came up with that guitar riff and thought to myself …I need to build a song around that lick. So I got to thinking (which is always a dangerous proposition) and decided that I wanted to write a serious rock-n-roll song with a Trop Rock message. I wanted to combine the elements of rock with the elements of Trop Rock which, as far as I know, had not been done before! I decided to add steel drums behind a solid rock beat with all of the instruments you would typically see in a good ol’ rock-n-roll song, for example a screaming electric guitar, saxophone etc…! The lyrics came easy. The story part of the song is about an old tiki bar where everybody has a good time!”

“Sail On” is Jack bringing out his best dramatic singing and sounds as he pulls you into the seas with the Edmund Fitzgerald. The power of the story is felt in the music and lyrics Jack has put together. This is a great way to end this CD leaving no stone unturned with so much of Jack’s personal, home, love of music and spiritual side laid out for our pure enjoyment.

Check out Jack’s website for all his CDs and upcoming tour dates: Jack Mosley

Sharing is Appreciated!