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Jimi Pappas Showcases His Talents on New ‘Acoustic Waves’ CD

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Jimi Pappas is one of the hidden talents in many bands adding his musical talents performing on multiple instruments and carrying lead or back up vocals. Jimi Pappas proves once again he is a front man with his over 9 CDs showcasing his solo creativity of individuality. Jimi brings his own transformations of music/lyric writing skills to this CD after years of paying tribute to John Denver, Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor and many others.
Jimi Pappas Acoustic Waves

Acoustic Waves is topping his previously recorded CDs showing a truly mature and inspirational side of Pappas. Showcasing his various styles of strums and cord knowledge on a guitar with different blends of melodies. Folk, Tropicana, Classic Country, Easy Listening and a touch of mellow rock to take you down this masterfully mixed journey.

“Sunday” showcases the true melodies of the guitar as Jimi serenades you to a suggestive style of folk singing. Love song of favorites he wants to do with someone special on this single day of the week we get to “do what we want do” day.

Jimi’s truly uplifting inspirational song “The way I Feel” shows the desire to just express yourself even if you can’t put the words together your feeling. Finding some warmth and healing in the lyrics as the guitar strums empower you. Showcasing the power of song in this moving heart felt moment of self expression.

“Never Should Have Left Key West” brings the Trop Rock genre a moment of reminiscing to the highlighted spots on the Island that you never want to leave. “Sweet Love” has the harmonizing blends to pull you into that easy listening state of mind. “Last September” pulls off a blended sound of modern country with an up beat of catchy lyric combinations.

Jimi Pappas

“Dance” is what you want to do when you hear the violin and drum beats to this classic James Taylor song. “Caroline Country” uniquely brings to life a mix of James Taylor and The Eagles hanging out in Jimi’s head as he brings his own style of writing a song to last throughout the ages. “Anyone But You” puts the guitar strings to test with a heavy but delicate touch of strong strumming playfully drawing you into the lyrics. Pulling off another sensual love song with musical emotion.

“These Days” is a Jackson Browne song that I truly feel showcases how well Jimi is at performing other artists material and how inspiring it has been for his own foot notes. “It’s Taken Me a While” by Jim Morris is a tribute song he added to this CD to reflect in the memories and on the friendship the two shared.

Acoustic Waves is a true blend showcasing the multitasking sounds of the guitar and the pure emotional level of lyric skills Jimi Pappas is capable of bringing you in 7 original songs. It would be a sin for me not to mention the careful planning of the CD cover art and logo design which perfectly match the panoramic sounds this CD delivers.

Listen to and download (or order a physical copy) of Jimi Pappas’ newest album Acoustic Waves on CD Baby

Sharing is Appreciated!