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Jimmy Buffett’s Austin Concert Cancelled but not the Tailgate


Text & Photos © Tammy Camp
Parrot Heads party despite the cancelled Jimmy Buffett Concert

Jimmy Buffett Concert Cancelled but not the Tailgate

A freak cold front hit the Austin, TX area the night before the Jimmy Buffett concert at the Austin360 amphitheater.  With winds gusting up to 40 mph, the May 2nd Jimmy Buffett concert was cancelled by early afternoon.

I was 15 minutes from the venue when I checked in with a fellow club member and found out the show was a no-go.  But just because there wasn’t a concert it didn’t mean the party in the parking lot didn’t go on!  The Central Texas, San Antonio and Sequine Parrot Head Clubs hosted a tailgate party to remember.


Jerry Diaz and bobby Summers entertain while trying stay out of the wind.

Trop Rock singer / songwriter Jerry Diaz and guitar player Bobby Summers entertained all us Parrot Heads who braved the high winds and cold temps.  Jerry kept us moving with sing along songs and a few Buffett tunes thrown in trying to keep us warm.   During Jerry’s rendition of Volcano we had 30-40 Parrot Heads joining the conga line, weaving in and out of parking spots and dancing those Parrot Head moves.

Moving around did help, but the cold beer in my hand didn’t do anything to keep me warm.  You know what did?  Moonshine.  Yes, homemade moonshine!  Jeff and Tara Cohen of the Central Texas Parrot Head Club did their part to warm up our insides.  Jeff  brought out at least 8 different flavors for us to try.  My favorite was the apple pie moonshine.  It truly tasted like liquid apple pie and soothed my insides.


About half way through the party, a large RV pulled up, angled near the band and served as a wind block.  We huddled beside the RV and joined Jerry singing his popular song, We’ll Get By.  The lyrics were meant for phriends like us, partying in a parking lot, drinking moonshine and freezing in gusty winds.

Here’s to you
Here’s to me
Here’s to taking life easy
Fill my glass to the top and raise it high
We don’t work out
We don’t fit in
We got some wild and crazy friends
That’s ok, come what may, we’ll get by
— Jerry Diaz


Even better… we’re off to do it again tonight!  Where else can you get 2 tailgate parties for 1 Jimmy Buffett show?

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