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John Friday’s New Trop Rock CD “Still in Mexico”


Putting a touch of vacation to a stay-cation on his newest CD, Still in Mexico, John adds a sequel to the song “Rita’s gone Wild” from his Coastal Dreamin’ CD. This is something John has never done before and wanted people to know what happen to Rita in Mexico (and so did John). A song full of tropical sounds, Rita originally headed down to Mexico after ditching real world pressures. John felt he needed to follow up on her vacation to see if she found what she was looking for. Good news is…. she’s still dancing in the pale moonlight with warm weather year around and just knowing Rita is doing well in Mexico makes a lot of fans very happy.

John Friday fans know this story sounds a lot like John’s life. In fact it is a little truth twisted of John coming to Florida on vacation and calling back home to Virginia, saying “sell everything I own, I am not coming back,” here’s my new address in Florida. Most of the sale proceeds went to pay off John’s bar tab and he started fresh in the sunshine state. Now living in Florida for over 11 years, John is singing his way around Florida (and many other states) to keep his bar tabs paid off.

John starts this 4th cd off with “Parrot Head Girls” giving a fun twist for Buffett female fans to enjoy a personal play off “Redneck Girls.” John Friday explains “I don’t know any Redneck girls, but I know a lot of Parrot Head girls that I felt needed their own song.”

“Moves me Deeply” (written by Peter Case) is a blissfully moving song of emotional blessings with that touch of Irish folk sound. The mandolin takes a strong front with a violin playing you through this song. This song showcases John’s talent for song writing with his gift of heart. “Love you Like Water” fans will truly enjoy this song. “Angel” is another song that showcases the wonderful soft side to John Friday. Giving thanks to the woman who is caring and nurturing. I see this song being used for Mother’s day, weddings, mother-daughter moments and oh yes, Valentines Day. The sweet tenderness of this song makes it a true tribute, giving thanks to all women in relationships.

“Mexican Flu Shot” brings the rock into this CD. The title says it all except the bar where you can get that tequila shot. Humor and tequila is what this song is all about. No need for a Doctor when you can find a bartender. “Rummin’ & Chummin’ ” is pulling off that sassy sound of New Orleans with a bucket of rum punch and a bad ending to a fishing trip. The jazzy fun sounds make you want to dance around and the words will make you laugh. I am sure so many tourist can relate to this if they’ve ever taken a deep sea fishing day trip with a cooler full of booze.


“In Spite Of Ourselves” is the hidden track with it’s own story behind it. John has come to enjoy this song and if you know John this kind of fits him just right. John only had to beg for months to convince a female vocalist to assist him on this duet. Although the female singing with John has no other recordings or any back ground history in music, I think she did a fabulous job. Debuting on her first recording with the love of her life Sandy Kayser. These two did an excellent job on a song that has swept Trop Rockers for the past 3 years at Meeting of the Minds.

Add this CD to your Trop Rock collection or find out more on his website: John Friday

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