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Trop Rock Artist John Friday Ties the Knot

Trop Rock artist John Friday was very proud last February informing us there was a date set for the wedding. Sometimes it just takes sixteen years to figure out if this is your partner for life. Both John and Sandy Kayser knew this was the relationship they had been looking for, but just scared to walk the plank plunging into a ceremony of marriage.

John Friday Wedding

Sandy explains their long courtship “John and I met in 2000. We moved in together in 2007. We got engaged in 2013, at Christmas. He gave me an amazing card, with the proposal written out inside. I immediately started crying. And so did John! We knew we loved each other, but we had both been previously married and we were hesitant to do it again. So the engagement was not really a step toward marriage. It was more me than John. I was truly afraid of getting married. But was ok with engaged.” Sandy continues with a smile “Right up until the moment I wasn’t.”

John Friday Wedding

“Last February, I had some health issues. John stepped in and took over. He watched over me, took care of the pups I was watching at the time, took over everything in the house. Just amazed me. And I realized, I wanted him in my life, always. Woke up on Valentine’s Day and he was kneeling on the floor, asking about breakfast. I looked at him and said, “Will you marry me, for real?” After we got up, I gave him a coffee mug that I had written on….Marry me for real. He said, “Yes.” And here we are!”


The evening before the big event was filled with family and friends at Fitzgerald’s Pub eating while enjoying many great spirits. Dancing, hugging and lots of congratulations in toasts going on. With John and Sandy reminding everyone “Tomorrow.”

The big day was very busy for this loving Teddy Bear of Trop Rock couple as they did the food and decorating with a few friends on deck to help fill in the gaps they just couldn’t pull off themselves. Sandy had the glow of a blushing bride of 20 years of age. She really lit the already bright afternoon up with her gleaming smiling eyes and natural beauty. John Friday had everything under control as best he could. The calm and cool artist was quite handsome in his kilt along side his beautiful bride.

John Friday Wedding

John Friday Wedding

Bar, Ceremony, Appetizers, Cocktails, Dinner and Cake with more Bar trips made this a fast friendly wedding. Gifts? No three hour gift opening ceremony here. The couple have been living together so long and just recently moved into their perfect home steps from their old one since they just loved the neighborhood and location. So having everything they need,  they used a website that allowed family and friends to purchase a part of their honeymoon. From a nightly hotel room, dinner, cocktails or adventures as they traveled North East America for their honeymoon through a website called Honeyfund.


There is always something that goes just a tweak off schedule or wrong during any wedding. These two had a late band, on time ceremony officiator and a blue solo cup to stomp as they were conducting their vows (oops! someone forgot to bring the glass). So, according to all the guest it was a perfect day of bliss.

The band may have been late, but Patrick and The Swayzees setup quick and blasted us away with oldies. The dancing continued until well after sundown. This was a wedding of much joy and love as you looked around the room seeing so many happy smiles.

John Friday Wedding

In the song John Friday wrote for Sandy, he says “let’s just kiss every morning” and that’s exactly what they plan on doing.
Congratulations to the happy couple!

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