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Story Behind the Song: Kelly McGuire, “Just A Wannabe”

Kelly McGuire is a Trop Rock and Country singer/songwriter from the Texas Gulf Coast. His songs have graced the Texas music charts often and his talent as a songwriter has earned him a number of awards. Kelly won Album of the Year for his CD Boat in Belize from the Academy of Texas Music, but today he describes for us how he came to write his song “Just a Wannabe” from his 2011 album King of the Island. Here is Kelly McGuire’s story:

Kelly McGuire

After making a living as a one man band – not as a songwriter –  for 25 years I was burned out on music and quit playing. I was finally making enough money as a Yacht broker to quit music.

After about 6 months, I started feeling the musical urges and began to play around with the piano and guitar at home. All of a sudden one day the stars where aligned and I wrote a song. It motivated me to try to write more songs and many were about sailing, beaches, islands, etc.. which eventually became the Redfish Island CD, my first one.

I think it’s typical anytime someone does something different or makes a change that some people make judgements – “aw… he’s just a Jimmy Buffett wannabe.”… I felt that for a few years. Then some years and 3 CD’s later – after many trips to Belize where I met some guys who were opening a state of the art Scuba Training facility in Omaha (as in Nebraska!).

I was driving back from New Orleans late one night and thought… ‘I am a wannabe and I’m OK with that. Who wouldn’t wannabe Buffett? Either Warren .. or the other..!’ … And they are great artistic and business models to follow!

We agree Kelly! Enjoy listening to this snippet of Kelly McGuire’s skillful songwriting and singing in “Just a Wannabe:”

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Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Always a great time! Loved seeing you in Nebraska and Texas! I helped coordinate a corporate event years ago in South Shore Harbor & Kelly had everyone dancing and singing along! If you need entertainment - he'd be a fabulous choice! Glad you keep writing music Kelly, see ya soon!

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