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Key West 2013 Parrot Head Convention Highlights

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Text and Photo © Tammy Camp
Boat Drunks @ MOTM’s Margaritaville Street Fest

Key West Meeting of the Minds 2013 Highlights

Parrot Heads take over Key West at the 2013 Parrot Head National Convention and it’s our favorite week of the year!

With over 200 gigs featured between the Casa Marina and the many Key West bars,  there’s never enough time to see it all or hug everyone.  TropRockin’ Magazine simply can’t be everywhere (although we sure try!) so we asked a few people to help bring you this highlight review.  These folks are true Trop Rock fans, Parrot Heads and lucky for us, friends.

Thank you Laurie Kornilow, Gayla & Steve Mitchell, Bill & Karen Stewart, Cathy Santopolo and Todd Peppenhorst  for providing your personal experiences at MOTM and giving our readers a diverse perspective of an amazing week.  Also, thank you Mike Peacock for letting Trop Rockin’ use many of your great photos and allowing me to relax at MOTM.

Special thanks to my Trop Rockin’ team, Cindy Muir and Millie Taylor,  for all that you do.

And as always, there’s never enough words to say Thank You to the people behind MOTM.  Without an amazing Key West Parrot Head Convention, there wouldn’t be an island full of Trop Rock music every November.  We owe it all to Parrot Heads In Paradise.

If you were at MOTM, I hope these snippets help keep the memories alive.  If you weren’t able to attend, I hope we’ll see you there next year!

A Few of our Favorite MOTM Highlights

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  1. Tammy Camp says:

    Reverend, how wonderful! Now, how’d you get out of the museum with a butterfly?

  2. Reverend Gweko says:

    It’s True, I brought the Butterfly from the KW Butterfly Museum to DJ Jeff’s Memorial at smoking tuna, it seemed like a nice gesture… How it got to all those other MOTM events I have no Idea!

  3. Tammy Camp says:

    Thank you Suzee! For such a big event it was sure great to have help from our friends!

  4. suzee bochantin says:

    Tammy – before I get to reading… just wanted to say it looks like you’ve pulled together a bunch of great articles!
    Thank you!

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