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“A Parrot Head” Poem by Lynn Robb

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Parrot Head Poem

A Parrot Head

By Lynn (Czarny) Robb

If life seems empty
Come join a phlock
Of some off the wall creatures
Who love Trop Rock
They do love to party
But with a purpose in mind
Their celebrations have meaning
True friends of mankind

Surely birds of a feather
But bird brains-they are not
Enjoy sunny warm weather
Some like it

United by a passion for music
They seek out the best
Gather for a meeting of the minds
Once a year in Key West

A parrot head lullaby
Could be a mellow Buffett tune
With soft steel drums
Tapping like a gentle rain in June

Any parrot head would give you
The flowered shirt off his back
And walk a mile in your flip flops
Just to keep you on track

No need to roll up their sleeves
‘Cause a tank top has none
They pull it all together
To get any job done

Some may dress distastefully
But it’s all in fun
Rather grow old disgracefully
Than hide from the sun.


Sharing is Appreciated!


Thursday 6th of April 2017

Lynn, Greetings from Tejas... looove it, I could so relate to every verse except the" distasteful dress", can't blame us if there is some "DonQ" in the glass we sometime mismatch our clothes! I personally wear my "Cowgirl" boots on the Beach....too bad this isn't in the Parrot head Doc, but we could only hope for a sequel....Cheers, Babs

Janet Wheatcraft

Thursday 6th of April 2017

Lynn... You are my talented and witty FF friend!!

Cindy Muir

Thursday 6th of April 2017

Great poem, Lynn!

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