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Mike Miller’s Solo CD ‘Perspective’ is a Winner

Many of you know Mike Miller personally and have heard his talent when listening to the always-popular band Boat Drunks. His second solo CD, Perspective, was released a few months ago and we think it’s a wonderful showcase of his writing ability, his musicality and his humor.

Mike Miller

Actually, several songs on the new album are humorous and “feel good” pieces. I personally love the New Orleans/ Zydeco feel that “Don’t Do Dat” has and Mike Miller promises that no manatees were harmed in the writing of this song. Manatees? You’ll just have to listen! Another fun song is “South Florida Bridge Tender.” Many of the songs on Perspective were patterned after Mike’s life experiences and this song was born from frustration while sailing his boat in the Florida Intercoastal Canal and dealing with bridge operators.

“Dear Facebook” makes me laugh out loud when I listen to the lyrics that may or may not hit a little too close to home for those of us who can’t go for very long without checking our Facebook page. Ouch! A rollicking accompaniment backs up “Something Inappropriate” and the lyrics are such that most of us can identify too readily!

Mike Miller Perspecitive CD

Then there are the heartfelt, poignant songs on this CD. The title song was born from Mike’s time on his sailboat, but speaks to the introspection that many of us experience in this easy ballad (see our Story Behind the Song series for more + a quick listen to the title song “Perspective”). Every daddy will wipe a tear when “Letting Go” is heard. All parents know the pain and pride of letting go as their children grow into adults. Mike lets us know he’s into history with his sweet ballad called “A Safe Place to Fall” and he actually collaborated with fellow Trop Rock musician Bob Karwin on this one.

“When Did I Get Old?” is a tender look at growing older, which is something none of us can escape. And most special of all to many of us is the last song on the album, “Keeper of the Flame.” This song was inspired by and dedicated to our dear DJ Jeff Allen. Jeff helped promote Mike’s first solo CD, as he did with many Trop Rock artists and this is a very touching tribute to Jeff.

I’m glad that a couple of Boat Drunks songs are included. “Wind It Up” is an up-tempo, fun song that was partially inspired by time in Key West. My very favorite Boat Drunks song is also included: “Hollow Man.” Mike adds the talent of John Patti and Amy Gaines in this super version. Thanks, Mike, for including this gem and thank you for a terrific second solo CD!

You can purchase a copy for Mike Miller’s “Perspective” album from his website: Hollow Man Music

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Steve Mitchell

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Thanks for the update/CD review! Sounds like a great new work from Mike Miller.

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