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Music on the Bay: Did it Really Happen?

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 Music on the Bay

Did it Really Happen?

Text and Photos ©  Millie Taylor / Tammy Camp

When 800 or so Parrot Heads get together for a Trop Rock weekend, great things are bound to happen and maybe a few strange and funny things too…

With help from several Florida Parrot Head Clubs, the Tampa Bay Parrot Head Club put on a fantastic event, showcasing 19 bands for the 2nd annual Music on the Bay.  The 3 day / 4 night event at Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa, FL was alive with Trop Rock music all weekend.

The entire venue was on a Tampa Bay beach.  So, with our toes in the sand, we danced all day, sang late into the evening and laughed with new and old friends.

Here are a few of the great moments and funny moments:

  • To kick off Music on the Bay,  James White and John Frinzi entertained those who made it to Tampa by Thursday evening.  If you’ve been lucky enough to see Sunny Jim emcee an event,  you probably know he’s a bit of a prankster.  Although… this time he was a bit more shocking.  He gave Frinzi a special gift…. Lubricant!   And the Lube jokes kept on coming!

Not what you’re thinking! It was guitar lubricant.

  • Jimmy and the Parrots just kept getting better looking as they played.  “Sunny” Jim White joined in , “Jersey” John Hanney joined and then Jimmy yelled out to the crowd,  “Hey @$&% John Patti get up here and play some @$&% pan!”  The crowd went crazy and the band was playing with a full deck of Aces and Wild Cards.
  • Saturday night closed out with an incredible cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Roll with the Changes”. …..  Jeff Pike sang it and The Boat Drunks played it.  Awesome.

  • Yes, it really was cold in Florida.  A cold front hovered over the area all weekend causing folks to dig out those winter coats and blankets.  Parrot Heads love their Trop Rock music and can party in any weather condition!  Well, most of them.  These two pictures were taken just seconds apart.  It all depends on your perspective……



Fans cheering on Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band

  • We all know how rowdy it can get with Jimmy and the Parrots on stage, but calling in the cops?   Apparently the noise level was a bit much for a neighbor….  Jimmy responded gracefully, ensuring the sound system was turned down, but decided it was time for a sing-a-long from the crowd.  Take that crazy neighbor!
  • Everyone had their own way of warding off the cold and wind.  Scarfs and hats would be the norm, but Banjody Jones took it to a whole new level.  We knew he was hot on the banjo, but now we know how he keeps his tush hot….  by sitting on a heating pad.


  • Dani Hoy,  Rick “Kid Conch” Schettino and Allen “Frankendread” Holland came together for a Trop Rock trio.  During Dani’s second set,  she glimpsed a commotion behind her and all she saw was a leg in the air and then Frankendread was gone!  She ran to look over the edge of the stage, fearing he was dead.  As she looked down,  Frankendread was looking back up and yelled “Keep playing!”  The show must go on, right?  Thankfully Frankendread was just fine.  He got wrapped up in a cord on the small stage that tripped him over the edge.  Whew….  because we would have been really disappointed if he didn’t jam with the Mr. Myers band later!
  • The ladies were playing with Capt. Josh during his song “Room Key”.  This lucky man had about 20 hotel keys thrown at him, but he only gave one key back.  From the back of the stage came a hotel key from bongo player Albert Hinojosa.  Capt. Josh quickly returned it!


  •  Sunday morning was so cold we caught a rare sighting of Sunny Jim wearing covered toe shoes. Since he almost never gets to wear them, he showed off his gray pair of suede loafers for us while warming his insides with a hot cup of coffee.  Note: Jimi Pappas is not nearly as wimpy.


  • There was some actual monkey business going on.

We all know The Sauce Boss makes great gumbo, but monkey impressions too?

  • There were many different fundraising activities at Music on the Bay for the Shriners Hospital for Children.  The event raise $25,000!!!!  Parrot Heads are angels.  What else is there to say?


What did we miss?  Tell us all about it in the comments section below!


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  1. Kathy Mullen says:

    Looks like fun was had by all!!! Great capture of FUN and entertainment!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Great Article, the pictures were fun and looks like we may try and go there next year!!

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