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10 Tasty Summer Rum Drinks

It’s warm outside and that means it’s time for Summer Rum Drinks! Rum drinks are abundant in paradise and the preferred drink of the islands. Even if you can’t make it to paradise, these summer rum drinks are just as tasty in your own backyard.

Summer Drink Cocktails upclose photo of strawberry lemon lime rum punch


As the weather warms up it’s time to celebrate with deliciously cool summer cocktails. From boozy rum punch concoctions to creamy coladas, these summer drink recipes are all made with the elixir of the islands – rum!

Here are 10 favorite Summer Rum Drinks to Enjoy!

Strawberry Rum Punch – This rum punch will wow your taste buds! The sweet strawberry flavor offset by the tart of citrus really blends well for a thirst-quenching summer cocktail. It’s also easy to whip up and serve for a crowd.
Strawberry Rum Punch Pitcher with Filled Glasses



Soggy Dollar Painkiller – After taste testing many Painkiller cocktails in the BVI’s, we found the best recipe. A mix of pineapple, orange, coconut and rum creates a creamy summer rum drink.
Painkiller drink up close



Pineapple Rum Punch – Deliciously refreshing! Pineapple juice and rum is so easy to make as a single-serve drink or in a large batch. Top with a rum floater and it’s a super summer rum drink!
Pineapple rum punch drink with a dark rum floater with garnish.



Blue Hawaiian – Pineapple, coconut and a hint of orange are the flavors for this iconic summer cocktail. Add rum, a tropical umbrella and feel like you’re on vacation.
Blue Hawaiian Curacao Drink Recipe



Tropical Bay Breeze – This cocktail is a mix of refreshing pineapple and cranberry juices along with coconut rum and Grenadine. An easy-to-make summer rum drink which makes it perfect for parties.
Tropical Bay Breeze Summer cocktail with the beach and ocean in the background.



Lava Flow – An upgraded Pina Colada with added banana and fresh strawberries for an extra creamy cocktail. Layer the ingredients to get this signature Lava Flow look.



Hawaiian Mai Tai – This recipe is direct from Hawaii and it’s a closely guarded secret for over 50 years. A classic cocktail and the ultimate summer rum drink.



Mermaid Water – A boozy rum punch with a gorgeous blue-green color. Simply mix 3 liquors with pineapple juice. A quick and easy recipe that’s always a hit when serving at a party.
Mermaid water summer drink with a yellow tropical drink umbrella.



Creamy Pina Colada – A summer rum drink staple! We’ve had this recipe in our family for over 40 years. Feel free to add a dark rum floater too. Invite your friends over, large batch recipe included.



Dirty Monkey – Another favorite creamy summer cocktail. Mix a ripe banana with pineapple juice, cream of coconut, Kahlua, rum and garnish with chocolate syrup. Heaven in a glass!
Dirty Monkey summer cocktail in a hurricane glass with colorful placemat background.


Cheers to summer rum drinks! Enjoy!

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