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Top 5 Best Bloody Marys in the French Quarter

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Best Bloody Marys in the French Quarter New Orleans

The New Orleans French Quarter is made up of (what seems like) a million places to order a Bloody Mary cocktail, each created with an assortment of spices and garnishments.

No longer is the Bloody Mary just a humble vodka and tomato juice drink. It’s a delicious concoction served along with the best breakfasts in the French Quarter.

I’ve plunged into research mode and spent several weekends searching out the best Bloody Mary’s in the French Quarter.

Finding the perfect mix of horse radish, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and vodka isn’t always easy since every bar in New Orleans offers their own Bloody Mary concoction. Here’s the list of my favorite:

Best Bloody Marys in the French Quarter:

Carousel Bar:

Located in the Monteleone hotel, the bar rotates in slow circle ever changing your view.  Garnished with large olives and pickled okra, this drink is a meal in itself.  In the past, they’ve also offered fantastic blue cheese stuffed olives for an additional charge.



Great location on the corner of Jackson Square where you can look out at the art and music scene in the square.  A little thinner mix than the Carousel Bar, but with just the right amount of spice.  Garnished with spicy beans and olives.


Pat O’Briens:

You might think they are only known for their famous Hurricane drink, but their Bloody Mary’s are excellent if you enjoy a little less spicy mix.  If you like the drink, you can buy their Bloody Mary Mix and take home a taste of New Orleans


Johnny White’s: (Sadly, CLOSED Permanently)

Almost at the corner of Bourbon and Orleans, their Bloody Mary’s are the best bang for the buck.  A little heavier on the Worchestier sauce for a “meaty” taste and can be a meal if you ask for extra spicy beans.  Hands down, this is my favorite.


Molly’s at the Market: 

Directly across the street from the old Margaritaville Cafe on Decatur, a great dive bar where locals hang out. Last time I had one, they used Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix. Includes a shot of Guinness Beer. Can’t go wrong with that.


Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the Good Times Roll!)






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  1. Gloria Rooney says:

    MRB Bar does a fine job on Bloody Mary’s too! Very spicy and yummy with lot’s of trimmings. MRB is just down from Chartres and St Phillip. Plus, there is my favorite jewelry store a few doors down.

    • Tammy Camp says:

      Gloria, I’ll have to try one. I like a Bloody Mary with a lot of trimmings. Makes for a great breakfast! Thanks for the tip, can’t wait to try them!

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