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Searching for New Trop Rock Music in Key West

Boomer Blake and Danny Rosado

Boomer Blake and Danny Rosado

This year during Meeting of the Minds, I was determined to hear some new artists. I love all our “tried and true” Trop Rock musicians, and count them all as friends, but my quest was to pedal around Old Town Key West on my bicycle to hear as many new musicians as possible. Many times that meant visiting smaller venues, but the upside to that was that I was often on the front row of listeners!

Blue Heaven probably was my most-visited music venue, with Dave McKenney hosting artists several days there. Here I heard Cory Young, Dennis Davis (one of my Texas favs!) and newcomer Danny Rosado. We all love Blue Heaven and every time I visited, I saw other Trop Rock musicians enjoying a great meal and drinks. I don’t recall the restaurant setting up chairs in front of the small outdoor stage before, but it was wonderful to slip into a seat with a bloody mary or mojito and listen to such great performers.

Cory Young

Trop Rock Dennis Davis

Dennis Davis

Another fun new venue was the Tiki House, where one could enjoy a Tiki libation while listening to some great newer artists. Here I listened to Sam Rainwater and even though Sam has been around for a while, he’s not always easy to find and hear during MOTM. Danny Rosado played there again, but this time with newcomer Boomer Blake. One evening when I rode by the Tiki House, I could see Texas newcomer Joel Block on the stage. What a fun new venue in Key West!

Joel Block

I spent a while one afternoon listening to Captain Josh Ramsteck at Willie T’s and discovered that in addition to his own original music, he has a vast, huge Buffett cover repertoire. And hearing the super-talented Emily Randle at the Casa Marina? What a treat and even better to get to know her – I think she’s a long-lost musical sister of mine!

Capt. Josh

Emily Randle with Cindy Muir

Listening quietly at The Lighthouse Court during Kelly McGuire’s daily music event is always a favorite for me. This year, I was only able to attend on Sunday and was fortunate to hear the fabulous Jen Bostic sing a gorgeous piece. Jen ended her song with the first verse of “Amazing Grace” and everyone in the audience sang along quietly. It was a wonderful way to spend part of a Sunday for all that were there.

It’s such a challenge to try to be everywhere to support older Trop Rock musician friends, and to try to ferret out new Trop Rock artists, but that’s the best part of MOTM to me: hearing fabulous music and making new musical friends.

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