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Parrot Head Poem Parody: “A Parrot Head Looks at 60”

Our Parrot Head friend, Lynn Rob, recently hit a birthday milestone which inspired her to create this fun parody of Jimmy Buffett’s song “A Pirate Looks at 40.”

Parrot head looks at 60

Grandma, grandma ocean, Is that you that I hear call?
Still want to sail upon your waters
Even though I am not quite as tall (as I used to be)
You’ve seen it all, you’ve seen it all

I would still like to ride you
Though my skills have lost some steam
In your belly, you still hold the treasure
That few parrot heads have ever seen
Most of them dreams, Jimmy Buffet dreams

Yes, I am a parrot head, more than 200 years too late
My thighs don’t thunder, trying not to go under
I’m an over sixty victim of fate
I hope it’s not too late
Jimmy say it’s not too late

I too have done a bit of smugglin’
To drink at concerts as I sit in the grass
I helped you make enough money to buy Miami
But the years have gone by way too fast
Still trying to make it last, Parrot heads make it last

Fruitcakes out there for over 25 years
We drank our Margaritas
And your Land Shark beers
You’ve seen us all …you’ve seen us all!

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