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Parrot Head Poem: Paradise in the Parking Lot


Paradise In The Parking Lot

by Larry Quisenberry

The time is drawing closer, the date is almost here.
For this years time for acting up and spreading your best cheer.

They journey here for many miles, to settle on this plot.
Today it’s Margaritaville, not just a parking lot.

They come in cars and campers , RV’s big and small.
And decorate their spaces, to please all who heed the call.

On most days these are normal folks, with normal lives they led.
But today they’re anything but normal, today they’re Parrot Heads.

From a stage that looks just like a boat, or a bus that’s built to rock.
With fins and beaks and blenders, they all come to this spot.

Grass skirts here are plentiful, wild hats are all here too.
And it’s not just ladies here, that wear a coconut bra or two.

You’ll see Pirates crews and wenches too, and bikinis do abound.
On folks who wear their business suits, when others are around.

There’s a concert later on tonight, but that’s not the only draw.
The parrot heads are the reason, the party is the call.

You’ll find tropical concoctions, and shots of every blend.
Paradise in the parking lot, as Jimmy Buffett did intend.



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  1. Carolyn Camp says:

    Great poem Larry, enjoyed your music also at the Christmas Party for our Parrotthead Club!!

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