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Parrot Heads Party with Robert Earl Keen

Text and Photography © Tammy Camp
Robert Earl Keen at the Casa Marina

 Parrot Heads Party with Robert Earl Keen

What a treat for Parrot Heads at Meeting of the Minds this year!  The Casa was jam packed with attendees on the lawn, on the beach and around the pool to party with Robert Earl Keen.

A Huge Crowd for the Show

Probably not the first artist you’d think of as the headliner for a Parrot Head convention, but this country star gave us a show to remember.  Texas country music is different than the popular country songs you hear on the radio.  Just like Trop Rock music is different.  Maybe that’s the connection between Robert Earl Keen and Trop Rock?  Both are off the musical beaten path.

He’s from the hill country area of Texas where large, fresh water lakes are abundant.   Rolling green hills are covered by cedar trees year round and the blue skies are as gorgeous as all those country songs claim. I love this area of Texas and the music that comes from it.

Dammit Earl, who was “working” for all of MOTM at the Casa,  had a chance to visit with Robert Earl King.  Dammit says Robert Earl was very down to earth (expected for anyone from Texas!) and was lucky enough to get the night’s set list, signed by Robert Earl Keen, without even asking.  What a nice guy!

Signed Set List Robert Earl Gave to Dammit Earl



A fun song off of Robert Earl Keen’s latest album is Ready For Confetti.  I don’t think anyone was actually ready for the confetti storm that ensued on the Casa lawn!

Surprise! Confetti Flying!


Even  Robert Earl looked genuinely surprised!  Of course, Parrot Heads took it to another level, spreading the strings of confetti through out the lawn and wrapping themselves in it.

Parrot Heads Play with Confetti (of course!)


With lyrics such as these, from his Ready for Confetti song — he  fit in perfectly at MOTM.

I knew this psychic many years ago

He’d been abducted by a UFO

They took him to another galaxy

He read their fortunes and set him free

The Party Never Ends

Well, not exactly.  Robert Earl gave us several hours of awesome entertainment singing some of his most popular songs such as The Road Goes on Forever and Merry Christmas to the Family.  Although this party did end at the Casa, I saw tons of Parrot Heads on Duval continuing the party late into the night!

What did you think of the Robert Earl Keen show?  Tell us in the comments section below!


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Capt'n Greg

Tuesday 4th of December 2012

LOVED Robert Earl !! One of the great songwriters of our generation !!

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