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People’s Choice Awards: What You Need To Know

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People's Choice Awards - What to Know

Trop Rockin’ Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards

This is your opportunity to recognize and reward the best.
For the community, by the community.


Trop Rockin’ Magazine was established in 2012 as an online magazine and community hub for Trop Rock music fans, Parrot Heads and tropical lifestyle enthusiasts.

Our team of volunteers strive to bring you the articles and experiences representing the spirit, camaraderie and passion of the Trop Rock world.

What do we cover?

  • Featuring people of the community from artists to authors and extraordinary individuals.
  • Showcasing Trop Rock music news and themed music playlists.
  • Bringing you the experiences from Trop Rock and Parrot Head Club festivals from across the nation.
  • Spotlighting tropical travel destinations, beach bars and tiki bars we know you’ll enjoy.
  • Sharing recipes of our favorite shots and tropical drink concoctions.

Bringing Us All Together at these Key West Events:

  • TUESDAY: The 6th annual “Tuesday on the Island” party is our annual Trop Rockin’ Magazine fan appreciation event at the Sunset Pier. Add yourself to the invite here: Tuesday on the Island Party
  • WEDNESDAY: The inaugural People’s Choice Awards will be held on Wed., Oct. 31st. This is our first-ever not-formal red-carpet event in the historic San Carlos Institute (next door to Margaritaville) announcing your top choice winners for each of the voting categories. Time and Entertainment to be announced at a later date.
  • THURSDAY: Annual Artist(s) Sunset Sail in Key West on Thursday, Nov. 1st. Always a sell out! Tickets are available in our shop: Trop Rockin’ Magazine Shop


Over the years, we have received many requests for this type of program from both the artists and the fans. Like most communities, there is a local magazine who hosts a recognition program in a People’s Choice format.

As the community magazine for the Trop Rock music genre, we are excited to join the ranks of magazines across the world who host a People’s Choice style awards program. Providing you with the platform to recognize who you believe are deserving of special recognition within our community.


Trop Rockin’ Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards (PCA) is a community-driven effort to expand recognition for the amazing artists and people in the community beyond the Trop Rock Music Association Awards (TRMA).

The PCA is designed to complement the existing awards program in the genre, not replace them.

Trop Rockin’ Magazine and the Trop Rock Music Association are completely independent organizations. We support each others efforts in furthering the Trop Rock music genre.

What makes the PCA different from the TRMA program?

  • Nominations are not generally restricted by a specific year time-frame. For example, the Song of the Year is not required to have been released within the previous year, it can be a song that deserves great recognition but was released 5 years ago.
  • No qualifications are determined by a committee. You, our magazine subscribers, will determine the top nominees and subsequently the winners. Nomination ballots are a write-in ballot giving everyone equal opportunity to be nominated.
  • PCA includes a category for Jimmy Buffett cover acts because these acts are very important to our community as a whole.
  • The winners are not determined by a paying membership group, but the entire community itself since voting is open to everyone. Just simply be a subscriber to Trop Rockin’ Magazine so voting can be limited to one ballot per email address.


The People’s Choice Awards are open to all Trop Rock music fans and artists to nominate and vote on 15 different trophy awards and 5 “Fun Song” certificate awards.

If you want to nominate and/or vote, become a subscriber for free to Trop Rockin’ Magazine:

* indicates required

Nominations and Voting:

The nomination ballots will be emailed to all Trop Rockin’ Magazine subscribers in July. We will most likely send out nominations and voting ballots in phases between July and August in order to effectively manage a completely write-in nomination system.

The benefits of a write-in system is that we, the magazine, are not supplying a suggested list of nominees that could sway the nomination process. By conducting a completely write-in nomination ballot, it will take us a little longer to tally nominations.

The nominations will be narrowed down to the top nominees and an updated voting ballot will be emailed.

As this is our first time hosting this new nomination and voting platform, please be considerate and patient. We are not determining specific dates for every step in this process at this time. It is a learning process for us as well and we want to make sure it is correct and efficient.

Award Categories

Here is a link to the People’s Choice Awards home page where you can review the award categories.


Absolutely! Let your friends, fans and community know that you’d love to be nominated. Reach out to them through your newsletter, website and social media.

Winners Announced:

Winners will be revealed at the exciting awards ceremony on Wed. Oct. 31st in Key West at the San Carlos Institute (on Duval street, next door to Margaritaville). Exact time and entertainment lineup to be announced this summer. Nominally priced tickets to the event will go towards supporting the costs of utilizing this beautiful theater venue.


It’s truly an honor to be nominated and voted a People’s Choice Awards Winner. It means that your efforts are well recognized, above the standard and appreciated in the community. You’re the best at what you do!

You will receive:

  • VIP Invitation for top nominees to the awards ceremony in Key West.
  • A prestigious award plaque to proudly display.
  • “Fun Song” category winners will receive a winner’s certificate.
  • PCA Winner Logo for your website and for your use in any of your advertisements.
  • Recognition in Trop Rockin’ Magazine to increase awareness and exposure of your music, venue, event, radio program, house concert venue and so on.
  • Bragging rights, of course!


  • Trop Rockin' Gals

    Tammy Camp, Millie Marie Taylor and Cindy Muir are the Trop Rockin' Gals bringing you articles about the Tropical Lifestyle, Parrot Heads and Trop Rock Music.

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