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Trop Rockin’ Magazine’s 2018 People’s Choice Awards Show Highlights

Trop Rockin' Magazine People's Choice Awards Show

Let’s Celebrate!

The People’s Choice Awards show took place on October 31st at Dante’s in Key West. Highlighting the spirit and passion of the Trop Rock / Parrot Head community, or as we like to call it, “the Trop Rockin’ family.”

This all-star event brought us together to celebrate and honor the artists, the music and the outstanding people who help this community thrive.

The program was created to give everyone the opportunity to participate. Open to all artists who perform within the Trop Rock genre and open to all fans to nominate and vote on 20 different awards.

With over 2500 votes, the results are a reflection of the community’s passions and the award show was a true celebration of Trop Rock.

People’s Choice Awards Show Highlights

All-Star Entertainment Lineup

The artists who volunteered to perform at the People’s Choice Awards are among the best in the genre. Most were nominated in one or more award categories — meaning these artists are outstanding!

Performing songs to match the event’s “celebrate” theme, these artists kept the energy high and the crowd engaged.

Thank you to:

  • Steel Margarita for providing the island sounds during our pre-event meet and greet.
  • Thom Shepherd for hurrying to get there on time and starting the show on the perfect note ;-)
  • Mike Nash for carving out a little extra time to perform and making us feel young in paradise.
  • Donny Brewer adding Fred Wunder’s glasses to your ensemble to get the point across with your best ode to Trop Rock fans.
  • Reggie Starrett for pitch hitting in announcing an award and then getting the dancers out on the dance floor.
  • Tim Charron for adding us to your schedule and keeping the high energy on the last song of the night.
  • Donald James for being the first to volunteer and treating us to your new Trop Rockin’ summer anthem song.
  • Cory Young for agreeing to play before you even had a place to stay. Life looked great from Dante’s that night.
  • Brent Burns for Uber-ing back and forth from your other gig to sing the perfect song after the House Concert Venue award.
  • Don Middlebrook for doing it all: Sound Man, Emcee, Nominee, Presenter, Performer and Winner.

You all are the best!

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The Extra Fun That Just Happens

At celebrations, especially within the Trop Rockin’ family, impromptu fun just happens.

  • The People’s Choice Awards show opened with all the nominees parading into the venue to “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang, setting the tone for the rest of the night. Nominees were only given instructions to greet fans, give out some high-five’s and have fun. Leave it to Donny Brewer, Thom Shepherd and Brent Burns to end up in each other’s arms dancing.
  • Don Middlebrook and Matt Anderson were a great duo! Whenever Matt runs into Don on the island, he’s sure to be on the stage dancing.
  • The 5 O’clock Somewhere Dancers were a great addition to the celebration.
  • Since it was Halloween night, the costumes were extra festive. Of particular note, 8 ladies came dressed as Debbie Hess (the 2017 Trop Rock Music Association’s Fan of the Year) but Debbie had no idea. The plan was for all the ladies to dress as unicorns. Don Middlebrook called Debbie up on stage with her eyes closed (guided by her husband) and the 8 “Debbie Hess’s” gathered around to surprise her with their costumes.
  • An impromptu conga line broke out in honor of the late Jim Morris when it was announced that he won the award for Best Conga Line Song. A fitting way to celebrate Jim’s music.

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The Winners Chosen by 2500 Fans

** For the full list of all the award winners and photo gallery, follow this link:  Trop Rockin’ Magazine People’s Choice Award Winners

Thom Shepherd took home three Fun Song awards. Deserving of all three, but “I Phlocked a Parrot Head” has to be the most fitting song ever for an award titled “Best Song to Get Leid To.”

The night was feeling like a Thom Shepherd sweep after he won 3 awards and performed twice for the crowd. But, there probably was never a doubt that Donny Brewer would be voted the best Entertainer in Trop Rock by fans! Donny’s acceptance speech was sweet and funny. As usual, he made us all laugh when he started out with “I’m glad Thom Shepherd wasn’t nominated in this category!”

Donny Brewer Trop Rockin' Magazine People's Choice Awards

Don Middlebrook was awarded the Unsung Hero for all he does for communities in need. Embracing the Parrot Head spirit of giving and “Partying with a Purpose,” Don’s motto is “Together, we can change the world one drink at a time.”

This year, through digital downloads and donations, Don has raised $4400 to help in the rebuild of Mexico Beach, wiped out by Hurricane Michael in October of this year. And as always, Don gave all the credit to the Parrot Head Clubs, House Concert Venues and his generous fans.

Don Middlebrook Trop Rockin' Magazine People's Choice Awards

The Legend award went to Jerry Diaz, who started what is now known as the official Parrot Head convention, Meeting of the Minds (MOTM). Back then, there weren’t any Parrot Head events and festivals. Didn’t he start a beautiful thing? And even though he handed over the MOTM reigns to the Parrot Head organization, he and his family still hold one of the most popular events in the country, Pardi Gras. Where charity and music are still the focus.

Jerry did make sure we all knew that just because he was awarded the Legend, it didn’t mean he was going away. Of course not! We expect many, many more years of fun and great contributions to the Trop Rock genre from you Jerry.

Jerry Diaz Trop Rockin' Magazine People's Choice Awards

** For the full list of all the award winners and photo gallery, follow this link:  Trop Rockin’ Magazine People’s Choice Award Winners

And we send out our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, sponsored and supported the People’s Choice Awards. You’re amazing in our eyes.

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