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Top 10 Official (& Unofficial) Reasons to Attend Phins To The West

Phins-To-The-WestThis post is sponsored by Phins to the West

10 Reasons to Attend Phins To The West 

  1. The Entertainment Lineup – Bob Karwin, Rob Mehl, Jerry Gontang, Jambo Joe Bones and Amy M, Tall Paul and Kristie Bobel, Crawdaddy, Tropical Soul, The Calypso Nuts, Jimi Pappas & John Patti, Jim Hoehn, Sam Rainwater, Stars On The Water, Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band, The Southern Drawl Band and the amazing Scott Kirby!
  2. The Avi Resort – All newly refurbished rooms, the Casino, the awesome pool, the restaurant choices, the palapas on the beach.
  3. The specially planned pre-activities such as the “Jet Boat Adventure”, tubing and kayaking down the beautiful Colorado River.
  4. The chance to dress up for their special “theme” nights…toga, toga, toga
  5. Seeing all your buds from around the country
  6. Special accommodation packages and drink specials
  7. The awesome “Goody” bag that Phins to the West is known for
  8. This year’s special 10 Year Anniversary mementos
  9. The chance to catch a late-night “Bob Karwin Blue Show”
  10. Partying With a Purpose and raising money for the PTTW charities and making memories


10 “Unofficial” Reasons to attend Phins To the West 

  1. To be blinded by the “untanables” and watch how cleavage and bald heads peel
  2. To possibly meet a real live Roadrunner and Avi Beach River Monster
  3. Play “chicken” with a coyote (ask Jim Hoehn how that worked out)
  4. Counting “beer” guts by the pool
  5. Getting your toes painted your choice of color.. even though you’re a guy
  6. To be a part of the all male Moon River Regatta (this is a must!)
  7. To keep feeding money into the slot machine only to discover you have just bought 27 candy bars from the vending machine
  8. The rare opportunity to see John Patti wasted on Christa Winter’s “Root Beer Patties”
  9. To wear the wrong costume on one of the theme nights and be proud of it
  10. To discover your maximum PHUN level…..(not to mention just how good your liver is functioning)

 Learn all about this amazing event and register at


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Tammy Camp

Wednesday 6th of February 2013

Hi Joanne, It's in Laughlin, NV. Click on the link to at the bottom of the 10 "Unofficial" Reasons. This will take you to the Phins To The West website for all the info. Since you're on the west coast, this might be close enough for a weekend trip!


Wednesday 6th of February 2013

just where is this happening? I am confused as to if this is on the west coast where I live or somewhere else..

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