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Radio Margaritaville DJ: Greg Dumas


Text © Cindy Bates Muir, Photos © Tammy Camp
Radio Margaritaville’s DJ Greg Dumas at Pardi Gras

Radio Margaritaville DJ: Greg Dumas

A couple of months ago, I made a pilgrimage to New Orleans (how I love that city!), stopped off for music and libations at Margaritaville and had hoped to meet Greg Dumas on Friday afternoon. I discovered that he is there on Wednesdays to tape the show that airs every Friday afternoon on Radio Margaritaville.  So I had a terrific phone interview the next week with Greg, aka “The Deputy!”

Greg Dumas lives in Lafourche, Louisiana, and is indeed a deputy sheriff.  He makes the trek every week, though, to the French Quarter and helps put the “Happy Hour from Margaritaville in New Orleans” together.  He’s been involved in radio for 25 years and has done DJ work on the side for 35 years.

So how did he get involved in preparing a show for Radio Margaritaville? Back in the pre-Katrina days, he was living in New Orleans and would enjoy a lengthy lunch at the Margaritaville Café on Fridays. Being the gregarious fellow that he is, Greg would chat with folks there and eventually, Bret Brown, the general manager of Margaritaville, gave him a microphone. Six months later, the effort turned into a radio show and they’ve now been doing the show on Friday afternoon for 11 years.

And what can you hear if you listen to the show on Fridays? Lots of New Orleans-themed music is played and Greg also promotes New Orleans Margaritaville Café and various musical events, such as Six-String Music Festival and Pardi Gras.  Savannah Buffett often joins in when she’s in town for Jazzfest.


Musician Jerry Diaz, Manager Shiela Climento,
DJ Greg Dumas and DJ Carson Cooper recording Radio Margaritaville Happy Hour

Greg’s show is one of the few events, other than Buffett’s concert re-broadcasts that happens on Radio Margaritaville beside music. He has received positive responses from literally all around the world and the military is especially fond of the show. He is quick to give credit to manager Bret Brown and Sheila Climento the New Orleans Margaritaville business manager.

I love to listen to Greg’s soft, south Louisiana accent and listen for his signature ending to the show every week….. “Bye-You!!”

Tune into Radio Margaritaville every Friday on SiriusXM or on the web from 5p-6p EST and kick off your weekend with Greg!


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