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Ramajay Intercoastal’s New Jamboulé CD is Energetic & Uplifting

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Ramajay Intercoastal is uniquely their own, mixing Caribbean influences for an island sound full of energy. Listening to their new CD Jamboulé will lift your spirits because their songs are created with an enormous amount of positive vibes. You can’t help but feel the happiness.

“Tall” Paul Bobal and Quincy Yeates are the driving forces behind their band. This isn’t their first collaboration but it is completely different. Tall Paul explains that the word “Ramajay” comes from the Trinidad / Tobago islands and means “a spirited jam session.”  Ramajay Intercoastal’s first studio CD of 10 original songs clearly captures this translation.

Ramajay Intercoastal Jamboule


The title song “Jamboulé” is heavy on the steel drums and Caribbean flair. It’s an instrumental dance song you’d likely find at Carnival festivals. The beat is steady and I can picture dazzling costumes rhythmically moving forward through the streets on some far away island.

“Lose Control” immediately questions your existence asking “Are you living it up?” You’ll quickly examine your life and feel compelled to answer. The lyrics are simple and this song sends the message that life isn’t going to last forever so make the most of it. “Mountain for Two” is the story of deeply committed love and every woman’s heart will swoon to it’s lyrics “I’ll cry with you.” The mix of violin, steel pans, guitar and vocals is surely what beautiful sounds like.

“Talk to the Sun” is an uplifting song featuring an ensemble of vocals from 30 artists including the Ramajay Intercoastal members. A number of talents well known in the Trop Rock circle such as Heather Vidal, Howard Livingston, Kristie Bobal, Scott Nickerson, John Patti and Jimmy Maraventano are part of this collaboration that furthers this inspirational feel of the song. Feel the energy, watch Ramajay Intercoastal’s “Talk to the Sun” lyric video:

There is even more magic on Jamboulé with 5 more songs to carry out the energy of the CD. From “Magic Cruise,” a samba sensual song, to “What I know” which is jazzy smooth, this project blends the reggae and island styles with pop to jazz sounds. Nadirah Shakoor brings in soaring vocals (of course), Will Kimbrough lends his astounding guitar performances plus he’s the CD producer.

Who knew so many styles and sounds could entwine so fluently? Clearly Ramajay Intercoastal and anyone who has had the privilege to see this band perform live.


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