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56 Years Of ‘Robert is Here’ Florida Fruit Stand

Robert Is Here is the coolest freshest stop located just off South US 1 on Palm Dr in Florida City, FL. The story is true and gets told all the time. Let me share the 56 year old story with you.

“One Saturday with no success Robert tried selling his father’s home grown cucumbers on the corner of SW 344 St ( W Palm Dr.) and SW 192 Av. Robert had to tell his Father that evening that he did not sale one cucumber all day. Robert’s Father was puzzled why no one wanted to buy his cucumbers, it must be that they can’t see this little 6 year old boy. So the next day he decided to make signs for each side of the table, painted in red “Robert Is Here.”

That afternoon when Robert arrived home he was proud to let his father know he had sold all the cucumbers.

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

Robert is Here

The little boy (Robert) at 6 years old started to sell vegetables and fruit from surrounding neighbors the very next weekend creating the “Robert is Here” business back in the Fall of 1959. Robert hired his first employee at age 9 and at age 14 bought 10 acres complete with house, car and lawnmower. When he received his drivers license he started brokering produce sales for other farmers.

Robert Moehling’s life  story is a big part of Florida history.

Robert is Here

Robert is Here Fruit Stand

The milkshakes are a huge key to the success of this inviting corner tourist stop. The Key Lime shakes are very popular and even more delightful when adding fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberry or kiwi to give yourself a real tropical blend. These perfect fresh fruit milkshakes are served with a blend of soft serve ice cream, low fat yogurt and milk. Chose from a vast variety of fruit combos and specialties listed on the long board as you wait in line for a spell. Sales are between 500 to 1,500 shakes a day depending on the season. People who frequently stop here for these creamy fruit milkshakes do not mind the wait.

Robert is Here


Robert is Here Fruit Stand

Once that fruit milkshake is in your hand you can take it outside to the nice picnic area with a view of the farm barn animals. Imagine how happy the macaws and animals are living in a Farmers market. They are living it up at Robert Is Here.

Robert is Here

We enjoyed the break from the drive heading to Key West and grabbing some of the best fresh fruit to take with us on our journey, but the milkshakes are what keep us coming back.

If you are headed to Key West or anywhere in Southern Florida stop in to see Robert and his family working the stand.  Serving up some of the freshest jams, jellies, honey, veggies, fruit and milkshakes. Robert is Here.

Robert Is Here
19200 SW 344 St.
Homestead, FL 33034

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