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16 Trop Rock Rum Songs (Playlist)

Our Trop Rock Rum Songs Playlist is all about that sweet intoxicating liquor which occasionally is the subject matter of a Trop Rock song. Songs that more than mention rum, these celebrate how rum is intertwined in our lives (if you’re a rum drinker that is). It heals, it hurts and it can make last night’s memories a little hazy. And of course there is a pirate. There is always a pirate. If your go-to drink is laced with Bacardi or Captain Morgan, then you’re going to love these rum songs.

Rum: Trop Rock Music Playlist. Songs all about RUM!

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Trop Rock Rum Songs (Playlist)


The Boat Drunks: “The Rhum Bar”
“Better than the grog in the midwest”

Amazon: “The Rhum Bar”

Sunny Jim Sunny Jim: “Blame it on the Rum”
His famous song which is in the move “The Firm”

Amazon:Blame it on the Rum

Sunny JimSunny Jim: “Rum Jumbies”
Strange things happen when you’re drinking rum in the Florida swamps.

Amazon:Rum Jumbies

Jerry DiazJerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef: “Rum in Pensacola”
Who doesn’t wish they were in the Florida sun drinking rum?

Amazon:Rum in Pensacola

Jesse Rice: “Haze of the Rum”
Great song about the effects of rum.

Amazon:Haze of the Rum

Donny Brewer: “Rum and Somethin'” (feat. Barefoot Reggie Starrett)
Plus a twist to help forget our troubles.

Amazon:Rum and Somethin’

Don Middlebrook: “Nest of Pirates”
Running rum like a pirate.

Amazon:Nest of Pirates

Cory Young: “Rum Day”
Which day? They’re all rum days.

Amazon:Rum Day

Rum SongsSheree Cade: “I Need Another Rum Day”
Who couldn’t use another rum day in their life?

Amazon:I Need Another Rum Day

Gene Mitchell “Rum Phonics”
That language you speak after way too much rum.

Amazon:Rum Phonics

Howard Livingston: “Coconut Rum”
Seems the fish like Coconut Rum too.

Amazon:Coconut Rum

Rum SongsJohn Friday: “Rummin’ & Chummin'”
Cute & funny John Friday style. Drinking rum punch and fishing.

Amazon:Rummin’ & Chummin’

Rum SongsDani Hoy: “Not Enough Rum”
Heartbreak country style. “Not enough rum to get you off of my mind.”

Amazon:Not Enough Rum

Rum SongsBarefoot Man: “Time Flies When You’re Having Rum”
Yes, yes it does.
iTunes:Time Flies When You’re Having Rum
Amazon: N/A

Thom Shepherd Rum PunchThom Shepherd: “Rum Punch”
Get your buzz drinking rum punch on a summer day.

Amazon:Rum Punch

Steve Tolliver: “Captain Morgan & Me”
Sometimes you’d just rather stay at the bar.

Amazon:Captain Morgan & Me

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