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Trop Rock Songs About Jimmy Buffett Playlist

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Jimmy Buffett inspires many Trop Rock musicians and for some, he’s inspiration enough to be featured in one of their songs.

We’re spotlighting our Trop Rock playlist of Songs About Jimmy Buffett. These songs celebrate Jimmy, his success, his lifestyle (or perceived lifestyle!) and his music.

Songs About Jimmy Buffett - Trop Rock Music

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Trop Rock Songs About Jimmy Buffett Playlist:

Songs About Jimmy Buffett - Kelly McGuireKelly McGuire: “Blame it on Buffett”
Yep. It’s all Buffett’s fault.
Amazon: Don Middlebrook: “I Stole Jimmy Buffett’s TV Guide”
A (mostly) true story about searching out Jimmy in Key West.
Matt Hoggatt: “Dear Jimmy Buffett”
This song landed Matt a record deal with Buffett’s label & a duet.
Donny Brewer: “Live Like Jimmy Buffett”
Sure, we’d all like to live like Buffett.
Brent Burns: “Livin’ the Life Jimmy Buffett Only Wrote About”
This is really living the dream.
Brent Burns: “It’s Hard to be Buffett (Sometimes)”
Celebrity life can have it’s drawbacks.
It’s Hard to be Buffett (Sometimes)


Songs About Jimmy Buffett - Boat DrunksThe Boat Drunks: “Girls All Want to See Jimmy”
So true! Rumors about Buffett are abundant during the Parrot Head convention.
Amazon: Rob Mehl: “Waiting for Jimmy”
Looking for Buffett in Key West & lots of other Trop Rockers mentioned too.
Parrot Island Band: “Hey Jimmy”
A musician’s dream to hang out with Jimmy Buffett for just a little while.
Bob Karwin: “Never Met the Man”
For all of us who are livin’ the life, but have never met Jimmy Buffett.
Mike Broward: “What Would Jimmy Do”
Jimmy would put on a fun show!
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    You can add “Jimmy Buffett For President” by the Landsharks Band to this list.

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