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13 Trop Rock Songs About Parrot Heads Playlist

Our Songs About Parrot Heads Playlist is all about the best people in the world, you! Trop Rock artists have captured various sides of the Parrot Head lifestyle. From serious odes celebrating the never ending giving nature of Parrot Heads to how a Parrot Head might feel the morning after a Jimmy Buffett concert.

There are quite a few songs about Parrot Heads so we’ve narrowed it down to 13 favorites for you!

Hope you find a new song you love about the lifestyle we love to live.

Songs about Parrot Heads

Trop Rock Songs About Parrot Heads (Playlist)

If you purchase a song after clicking on the links below, the artist gets their full payment and Amazon or iTunes gives us a few cents for helping advertise these songs. Thank you for your support of independent artists and Trop Rockin’ Magazine!

Jimi Pappas: “Parrot Heads Together We Fly”
Jimi captures the true spirit of Parrot Heads, over $43 mil raised for charity. Get involved & find your local chapter at PHIP. We’re a hell of a lot of fun.

Amazon Download: Parrotheads Together We Fly

parrot-head-songsSwim Skinny: “Drunken Parrot Head Blues”
Anyone been hungover after a Jimmy Buffett concert?…. Here’s your song. FREE Download. Love it!
Free Download:Drunken Parrot Head Blues

Parrot Head SongsJohn Friday: “Parrot Head Girl”
A play off of the Bellamy Brother’s “Redneck Girl” and we love this Parrot Head girl interpretation. Yeah…we’re pretty damn awesome.

Amazon Download: Parrot Head Girl

Parrot Head SongsPHINS: “Songs You Know By Heart”
Take Jimmy Buffett song titles and stories every Parrot Head knows and turn them into a song.

Amazon Download: Songs You Know By Heart

Parrot Head SongsBrent Burns: “Parrothead Rendezvous”
Parrothead Rendezvous is a huge event each year in Panama City Beach & Brent captures what we love about Parrot Head events, especially at the beach.

Amazon Download: Parrothead Rendezvous

Songs about Parrot Headsstrong>Bob Karwin: “Family Reunion”
Because Parrot Heads choose to spend time with each other at events across the country (and the world) like a big family reunion.

Amazon Download: Family Reunion

Parrot Head SongsThom Shepherd: “Parrot Head (I Phlocked a Parrot Head)”
One of Thom’s famously fun songs! Ever wake up after a fun night with feathers in your bed?

Amazon Download: Parrot Head (I Phlocked a Parrot Head)

Parrot Head SongsCaptain Josh: “Parrot Heads in Paradise”
Fun with country style. We sure do sing & dance away the night while “living the island life.”

Amazon Download: Parrot Heads in Paradise

Parrot Head SongsJ. Micheal Laferty: “Parrotheads in Cowboy Boots”
Texas Parrot Heads often wear cowboy boots. That’s just what we do.

Amazon Download: Parrotheads in Cowboy Boots

Songs about Parrot Heads Steve Tolliver: “Jimmy Buffett Fan”
We’re just trying to living life through the songs Jimmy Buffett sings.

Amazon Download: Jimmy Buffett Fan

Parrot Head SongsMike Broward: “Parrot Head Rehab”
Every weekend check yourself into Parrot Head rehab and you’ll have a lot more fun.

Amazon Download: Parrot Head Rehab

Songs about Parrot HeadsHighway 1: “Party at the Meeting of the Minds” Parrot Heads party with a purpose with a little bit of rum and tequilla in Key West for the annual convention.

Amazon Download: Party at the Meeting of the Minds

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