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Story Behind the Song: Donny Brewer, “Palapa Joe”

Donny Brewer is from the great state of Texas and has worked as a musician for most his life. He was always part of someone else’s band, typically in the country music genre. Then a few years ago Donny decided to follow his heart into the Trop Rock music genre and we are sure glad he did!

Donny is a prolific musician and talented songwriter, releasing two tropically inspired albums: Live Like Jimmy Buffett and Zimzala. Earlier this year, Donny and his wife sold it all, moved into an RV and are currently traveling across the country playing Trop Rock venues and house concerts dubbed the “Winnebago Tour.”  Donny’s story about one of his latest songs “Palapa Joe” let’s us see into his creative process and his really big heart. Here is his story:
Donny Brewer on the Beach

My friend Franklin Godowns (aka Palapa Joe) from the Galveston area is an amazing man who has the incredible ability to remember the lyrics to every song he’s ever heard…ever. No kidding. He also happens to love Trop Rock.

I am always inspired to see him sitting right up front at my shows mouthing the words to my songs or jamming on his little plastic guitar. Last year at the Galveston Bay Parrot Head Club’s annual Trop Rock music event, Riddles In The Sand, I was so inspired after hanging with Palapa Joe, that this song just came to me in its entirety on the drive home. So quickly, in fact, that I had to pull over and record it before it got away.

Donny Brewer and Palapa Joe

Donny and Franklin (aka Palapa Joe) have a guitar jam at Riddles in the Sand.

“Palapa Joe” isn’t just about a guy with a good memory. It’s about what he represents. There’s something amazing that happens when you have a small room of fans, many of which you can call a friend. It changes your performance in every way, from song selection to spontaneous lyrics about familiar faces who dance by.

I’ve played large arenas to thousands, but you can’t get that there. I’ll take a room full of people who actually care over an arena of mindless lemmings any day.

Enjoy listening to a snippet of “Palapa Joe”

Grab a copy of your new favorite song, “Palapa Joe,” on iTunes or Amazon and keep up with Donny on his website: Donny Brewer

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Tuesday 24th of May 2016

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