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15 Summer Songs for Your Trop Rock Music Playlists

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It’s officially summer!!

Here’s a playlist of Trop Rock songs about summertime, the sun or have that “feel good” summer vibe.

Note: If you purchase a song after clicking on the links below, the artist gets their fullpayment and iTunes gives us a couple pennies for helping them advertise. Help support the artists and Trop Rockin’ Magazine!

Trop Rock Music Summer Songs Playlist:

jimmy-buffett-summer-songs-trop-rock-music Jimmy Buffett: “Summerzcool”
Surely you have ALL of Jimmy’s songs on your summer playlist, but if you missed “Summerzcool” it’s a fun summer song!

Amazon: Summerzcool

tim-charron-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicTim Charron: “Chasing the Sun”
“Country with a Twist of Lime” and Tim’s summer anthem “Chasing the Sun” will have you on your feet.

Amazon: Chasing the Sun

jake-half-conched-band-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicJake & The Half Conched Band: “Nothin’ but Sun”
“Catchin’ a buzz while everyone’s stuck at work”… that’s summer!

Amazon: Nothin’ but Sun

jesse-rice-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicJesse Rice: “Sweet Kinda Summer”
Jesse paints the perfect summer day with great lyrics and melody.

Amazon: Sweet Kinda Summer

brittany kingery-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicBrittany Kingery: “Little Miss Sunshine”
Brittany is sunshine in herself and shines on this summer song.

Amazon: Little Miss Sunshine

southern-drawl-band-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicSouthern Drawl Band: “Another Day in Paradise”
Love a light Reggae sound? This song about paradise will keep you happy all summer long.

Amazon: Another Day in Paradise

Scott Kirby: “Living Lost and Loving It”scott-kirby-summer-songs-trop-rock-music
Scott has shared the stage with Buffett and he knows about “getting lost” and we love it!

Amazon: Living Lost and Loving It

tropical-soul-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicDennis McCaughey & Tropical Soul: “Coconut Joe’s”
Love this grove and the seaside bar where we could spend all day.

Amazon: Coconut Joe’s

howard-livingston-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicHoward Livingston: “Looe Key Tiki Bar”
Howard gives us a “feel good island vibe” in this song about a favorite Tiki Bar.

Amazon: Looe Key Tiki Bar

rob mehl-summerRob Mehl: “Slow Down Summer”
Summers go fast, so enjoy this Beach Boys influenced summer song while it lasts.

Amazon: Slow Down Summer

the-detentions-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicThe Detentions: “Sunburned”
Yes, you’ve heard Sunburned before. Radio Margaritaville keeps it rotation!

Amazon: Sunburned

Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef: “Fun in the Sun”hanna's-reef-summer-songs-trop-rock-music
There’s never too much “fun in the sun!”

Amazon:  Fun in the Sun

Dani-Hoy-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicDani Hoy: “Summer Songs”
Dani says it perfectly! “Summer music takes me where I want to be.”

Amazon: Summer Songs

dennis-mccaughey-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicDennis McCaughey & Tropical Soul: “Little Summertime”
Dennis brings us a perfect Trop Rock song about a “little bit of summertime”

Amazon: Little Summertime

zac-brown-band-summer-songs-trop-rock-musicZac Brown Band: “Castaway”
This is Zac’s latest venture into the Country/Trop Rock sound and “Castaway” gives us that summer good feeling.

Amazon: Castaway

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More Trop Rock music playlists to come each month!


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  1. Paul says:

    I love that Scott Kirby album! Another song that is a great summer tune is “Take A Time Out” by the Caribbean Beach Bums Band. They’re a new, up-and-coming group, check them out!

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