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Tim Charron’s Country-Trop-Rock Album: Chasing the Sun


Text © Tammy Camp / Photo & Music © Tim Charron.
Run off to the islands with Tim Charron’s “Chasing the Sun” album.

Tim Charron: Chasing the Sun

Tim Charron is a Country Rock musician, but on his latest album “Chasing the Sun” he’s added the Trop Rock lifestyle to his lyrics.  Growing up in New England, he quickly headed to the warmth of the Florida sunshine, living in Key West, Islamorada and Miami Beach.  Influenced by life in the sunshine, Tim’s writing clearly brings the listener into the never ending summer of his life.

The title track “Chasing the Sun” has a strong beat and a summer anthem vibe.  There’s “flip flops and bikini tops” with “sunshine and tan lines” somewhere in paradise at the beach bar where Corona’s and Cruzan Rum are on the menu.  There’s a mention of running from a broken heart but undoubtedly the girl has been forgotten with all the beach life has to offer, especially those “pretty senoritas.”  A song worthy of blaring from the car stereo, windows down, feet up on the dash and wishing you were heading to the beach.

Keeping with the escapism attitude, “Down Time” is the Trop Rock creed with a Country sound.  Tim wrote this song while living in Key West and said “it was easy to visualize.” Key West is a melding of tourists, new residents and locals who are looking to escape the rat race for a simpler life.  “Down Time” isn’t just a song about dreaming of escaping, it’s about doing it. Tim is a remarkable song writer and the lyric “neutral suits me just fine” creates a perfect visualization of down time on an island.  A favorite feature of the song is how the chorus changes as the story progresses.  The last chorus?  It’s exactly what I’d say if I was living the “key lime life.”

The entire album is a high energy experience except for one stirring ballad, “Island Life.”  Tim doesn’t normally write songs about characters, but this one flowed easily from him.  Spurred from seeing a weathered old boat on the side of US 1 and a little inspiration from the liveaboard life of friends and family in the Florida Keys. “Island Life” is the story of two single people living the dream who meet up one night.  Living the simple life, the song leaves us wondering if their lives just became more complicated.  Listen to the full song:

With two more heart pumping songs, “Country Song” and “Livin the Dream”, Tim shows his spirited side. Both are a Country / Rock blend with a distinct beat.  “Three Sheets to the Wind” rounds out the Trop Rock island feel where all you need is “a boat, a bottle and the wind”.  “Chasing the Sun” is a fun album with strong writing, good vocals and backed by Jason Aldean’s band.  It blurs the lines between Country, Rock and the Trop Rock genre with a “high on life” feel.

Take a look around Tim Charron’s website or preview his songs on iTunes.  Keep up with Tim on his Facebook Page and find him playing a gig in Florida, where he tours for most of the winter because he’s always chasing the sun.

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