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Top 10 Signs You’re a Parrot Head

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What is a Parrot Head?

Parrot Heads are Jimmy Buffett fans. Coming from all different backgrounds united in escapism song lines and the love of everything tropical. Parrot Heads represent the best of society. Friendly, accepting, giving and a desire to conga through life in brilliant color.

We polled our readers and here are your top ten signs you’re a die-hard Parrot Head:


What missed your list of the top ten signs of a Parrot Head?

Coming in at number eleven is joining a Parrot Head Club. Glad to see this ranked high in the poll! I would encourage everyone who isn’t part of a club to get in touch with your local chapter for fun with like minded friends all supporting good causes. Find your local chapter on the Parrot Heads in Paradise website.

Also just missing the top ten is Concert Costumes. Yes, we’re a spirited bunch. Grass skirts, coconut bras and leis are pretty common concert wear and Parrot Heads are getting even more creative with extravagant hats to full pirate outfits.

What did you add to your top ten signs of a Parrot Head?

Never disappointing is the creativity of your write in votes!

Tattoos were the most popular write in vote. Parrot tattoos to be specific and one reader elaborated to include “waking up with a tropical tattoo.” I’m guessing they were the “last man standing” the night before.

Backyard Tiki Bars, Blenders and Alcoholic Beverages in a variety of forms were mentioned often. For Parrot Heads, it really is “5 o’clock somewhere.”

Your friends are Parrot Heads too and you love them. You described them in many ways but it boils down to amazing people with kind souls.

Mentioned many times, Radio Margaritaville is clearly your favorite station.

Lastly, you all are fantastic parents. Many of you added stories about your kids’ love of  all things Jimmy Buffett. Your keets have Buffett related names, request Buffett songs, know the lyrics and want to go the concerts. This is very reassuring. Maybe all is not lost for the future of society!


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Share With Your Friends!

  1. Jack says:

    I taught for 40 years. On my bulletin board every day I would post a Buffett quote. I have so many memories of seeing former students at concert.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I do not know how or when I became a Parrot Head. I just am one. My twin daughters that are now grown are also Parrot Heads. When they got older they went to Jimmy’s concerts without me! Can you believe a child did that to their own Mother? Never mind that I did not live in the same state at the time. One year they called me while they were at the concert!

  3. Jester says:

    Parrotheads also name their pets after characters in Jimmy’s books. Just ask our dog Tully Mars.

  4. Tracey Saenz says:

    Proud to be a Parrot Head

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