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Trop Rock Artist Interesting Tidbits: Kelly Brown, Brent Burns and Mike Broward

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Trop Rock Artist Short Interviews


Fun – little known – tidbits about our Trop Rock artists. Look for this series each month!


  • Tammy Camp

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  1. Brent Burns says:

    John Kendall, thanks for posting the video! Great job! Steve, 1st BN, 27th infantry, 25 division ( Tropical Lightning!)

  2. Steve Tolliver says:

    Interesting about Brent’s combat gig. I was in the 196th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam in ’68 & ’69. I’m wondering what unit Brent was in.

  3. Tammy Camp says:

    Wow. Amazing stories. Thanks for sharing JP.

  4. JP Kendall says:

    In Brent’s comments about the most daring thing he has done, you might want to watch this video. It is Brent and his very close friend Bill Whyte at gig in Orange Beach, AL.

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