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13 Songs About Drinking Beer (Trop Rock Music Playlist)

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Trop Rock songs often revolve around getting away from the pressures of life by relaxing somewhere on a warm sandy beach with a cool alcoholic beverage. This month, we’re listening to some fun Trop Rock Beer Drinking Songs for our monthly playlist.

Sit back and grab a cold one.

Trop Rock Beer Drinking Songs

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Trop Rock Beer Drinking Songs Playlist:

Trop Rock Beer Drinking SongsThom Shepherd: “More Time Drinking Beer”
Life is short, Stress Less, Live more. Spend less time workin’ and more time drinkin’ beer.

Amazon: More Time Drinking Beer


Trop Rock Beer Drinking SongsThom Shepherd: “Beer Season”
Why go hunting when it’s Beer Season? There ain’t no limit and it’s open all year.

Amazon: Beer Season


Trop Rock Beer Drinking SongsJerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef: “Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers”
We’re Beer Drinkers and Sail Raisers! Three Sheets to the Wind. Life is Good.

Amazon: The Detentions:  “A Little Less Beer on the Island”
When The Detentions are on the island, you can bet there is a little less beer.

Amazon: Howard Livingston: “Six Pack and a Tan”
Cold beer and a fishing pole somewhere on an island. Doesn’t get any better.

Amazon: Tommy Alverson: “Una Mas Cerveza”
A lot of Trop Rockers cover this song, but the original is the best.

Amazon: Jim Morris: “No Beer Today”
Election day in Antigua and the bars are locked? A Trop Rocker will find a solution.

Amazon: Matt Hoggatt: “Really Drinking Beer”
Is he fishing or really just drinking beer?

Amazon: Really Drinking Beer


Trop Rock Beer Drinking SongsDennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul: “Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer”
Decompress in the Florida Keys with a little fly fishing and beer.
iTunes: Big Fish & Ice Cold Beer
Amazon: N/A


Trop Rock Beer Drinking SongsDonny Brewer: “The Beer Song”
The sing-a-long beer song that will lift your spirits.

Amazon: Eric Stone: “Beer Money”
All you need is a little beer money.

Amazon: Gene Mitchell: “My Corona”
“It changes my whole attitude.” Sure does!

Amazon: Latitude: “Another Year Older, Another Budweiser”
So cute.

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  1. Allyn Fincher aka Aloha Allyn says:

    Forgot to mention that I dig the lists – very cool. They have turned me on to some new artists.

    • Tammy Camp says:

      Awesome! It’s so nice to get great feedback. I love that you’ve found new artists…. that’s a main goal of publishing the playlists. Woo hoo!

  2. Allyn Fincher aka Aloha Allyn says:

    I hear a song on Radio Margaritaville called “Beer Run” by Tom Snider. I don’t know if it is trop rock per se, but I think it is a catchy tune. Cheers.

  3. Bob Simpson says:

    Check out Dave McKenney’s “Let me Drink this Beer First” on his “Sunroom Sessions, Vol 1”

  4. Adam says:

    Great list but you forgot “Drunker Than Me” by BODEAN!

    • Tammy Camp says:

      Hmmm… just listened to the song and it doesn’t seem to be about drinking beer specifically, which is our focus. Might be good for a general good ‘ol drinking song playlist though!

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