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New Trop Rock CD: Songs of Love & the Ocean by Dani Hoy

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Text © Millie Taylor. Photo © Dani Hoy
Relax with Dani Hoy’s Songs of Love & the Ocean

New Trop Rock CD:  Songs of Love & the Ocean by Dani Hoy

What can four years of great stories and hard work get ya if you’re Dani Hoy? A Great New CD!

Dani Hoy has hit a mix of New Orleans brass, Jamaican sway and a hint of Southern Blues in her new CD. Dani is a late bloomer to hit the Trop Rock scene with a guitar in hand and a free style that takes you from one port to another. Bold with words and strong on desire she has put her heart in this CD along with her soul.

“Gone Native” is just a great song that best expresses the style and life this young lady is living. Dani has been juggling that nine-to-five life with a pure passion to be up on stage and stages have been welcoming her with open arms as she is becoming a very sought out performer.

“Walking in the Rain in New Orleans” has you swaying with some speak easy in mind. “Why Did I Say Yes?” has you feeling that sensual sensation of that first touch of a new lover.

“I Like it Hot” took me on a salsa dance in Miami. Dani has gone sultry and sexy with these songs. Tropical Blues twister, she is. Continue listening because her folk style comes out in “Hemingway’s Porch”. This is Dani relaxed and with a lullaby style.

This new CD of hers will have you sitting back to relax while sipping on your favorite beverage. I had to open a bottle of wine as I joined Dani through my speakers. Dani Gal has hit the beach life with the songs bouncing from one port to another. I see myself in Jamaica, New Orleans and Miami dancing through the streets.

Trop Rock meets the blues in “Last Day on the Island”. The sexy sax brings out the blues of knowing it’s time to leave paradise. And “Whiskey Kisses” took me back to Texas. Nice good ole’ country sound. No redneck rap.

Great all around CD. After four wonderful years of listening to Dani stroke her guitar and sing, it’s really great to hear where she is headed. Dani Hoy, aka “Tropical Gal,” has taken me on many Ports of Call with this very relaxing CD.

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  • Millie Marie Taylor

    I live close to A1A and love this stretch of road that leads me to so many adventures! I'm perfectly situated between my two wonderful children. I love to visit my daughter in the FL panhandle and my son in Key West. I'm a Parrot Head and I love Trop Rock music!

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